Attention! These are the changes that the bus routes in Ibagué will have

Attention! These are the changes that the bus routes in Ibagué will have
Attention! These are the changes that the bus routes in Ibagué will have

The Mayor’s Office and the Strategic Public Transportation System inform the Ibaguero community of the changes in some routes to improve service.

The changes

“These changes are carried out after an internal study and analysis carried out by the SETP teams and the Mobility Secretariatin which the routes of routes like 17, 4/7, and the entry or exit of some neighborhoods. Likewise, we responded to the requests of the community that demanded, for example, the return of the Routes 1, 33 and 53 to Plaza de La 21 and the coverage of 6 and 17 towards Colinas del Sur I and IIhe explained Yury Cervera, Operational Director of the SETP.

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So things are, Through Resolution 000152, the following modifications are made to the routes:

Route 4/7 In the downward direction, it will no longer turn at 42nd Street and 4th Stadium, but will continue straight to exit onto Mirolindo Avenue and continue its journey.

Routes 6 and 17 They will reach Colinas del Sur I and II.

Routes 8, 39, 15 and 23which previously ended their route at the Protecho Topacio terminal, will now end at the Nueva Castilla terminal.

In the Modelia sector, the routes that previously went up and down via 8D will now go down via 8D and up via 8F. This applies to the routes 11, 17, 21, 22 and 50.

Route 17 will expand its coverage to the Nazareth and Modelia neighborhoods.

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Routes 11 and 31 They will leave from 171st Street in the La Ceibita sector.

The feeder route of the Buenos Aires sector It will provide service on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm, leaving and arriving at the Corinto parking lot, next to Clinaltec, with a frequency of 30 minutes.

Routes 1, 33 and 53 They will make their normal tours through the Plaza de La 21 sector every day and during authorized service hours.

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It should be noted that these changes are already in force and are applied by our transport operators. “We will continue working in this transition phase to have a decent, efficient and quality public transport service that responds to the needs of our users.”Cervera added.

Finally, Through Resolution 00197 of April 30, 2024, the characteristics of the service such as frequencies, schedules and vehicle fleet were defined., among other topics. This was done in conjunction with the transport union seeking to optimize the system and service provision.

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