Provincial governor and vice-governor elected in Villa Clara (+Audio and Photos)

Provincial governor and vice-governor elected in Villa Clara (+Audio and Photos)
Provincial governor and vice-governor elected in Villa Clara (+Audio and Photos)

Once the proposals of the President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel were presented, for both government positions, the 956 delegates of the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power, constituted as Electoral Colleges, elected Milaxy Yanet Sánchez Armas by direct and secret vote. as the new governor of Villa Clara, with 98.10% of the votes, and Noel Chinea Pérez, as vice-governor with 95.14%.

This was announced by Inés Rigdaye Verdece Morales, president of the Municipal Electoral Commission of Santa Clara.

After concluding the election, the member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in Villa Clara Osnay, Miguel Colina Rodríguez, congratulated the governor and the vice governor and called on them to continue with the people, overcoming difficulties and obstacles to honor Fidel’s request to the villares.

In her first statements to the press, the governor of Villa Clara Milaxy Yanet Sánchez Armas thanked the people for the trust placed in them.

“By assuming such high responsibility in the context of accountability to the National Assembly of People’s Power, our government management will be focused on involving everyone in this process, so that together we can achieve victory,” he assured.

Photo: @Elecciones_Cuba

The official data of the scrutiny were released after 3 pm this Saturday, at a press conference from the National Electoral Council.

Photo: Ramón Barreras

Denys Bueno Hidalgo, member of the National Electoral Council, was also present at the session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power of Santa Clara.


This The electoral process was approved on April 5 by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba in compliance with the provisions of the Magna Carta and Law No. 127, Electoral Law, of July 13, 2019.


In accordance with this last legal body, the election of the provincial governor and vice-governor is held on the same day and time throughout the national territory, this time in 4 provinces.


In accordance with the Constitution of the Republic, in its articles 175 and 180, the provincial governor and vice-governor are elected by the delegates to the corresponding Municipal Assemblies of Popular Power, at the proposal of the President of the Republic, for a period of five years. .

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