a political moment tailored to Together We Are Río Negro

a political moment tailored to Together We Are Río Negro
a political moment tailored to Together We Are Río Negro

The Base Law It reached the point where the Rio Negro ruling party plays most comfortably.

There, in the Senate, The vote of Together We Are Río Negro is worth gold in this situation of legislative parity and the chance grows that political royalties will begin to spill over to the province.

The first installment arrived on Friday, in a three-way play promoted by the National Government.

The Cordilleran Gasduct has been reactivated and although it did not appear in the photo, Governor Alberto Weretilneck surely had the same satisfaction as his colleagues Rolando Figueroa and Nacho Torres, from Neuquén and Chubut.

But Weretilneck is not everything and in its surroundings they intermingled feelings of relief and revenge towards the weekend, after that event in Buenos Aires.

There are those who understand that the Gas Pipeline work is above the will of the president, Javier Milei, and that it responds mainly to everything that Vaca Muerta sets in motion.

That look corresponds to those who hate the national leader and they do not trust the future of harmony that is being drawn in the search for the crucial votes for the Bases Law.

“There are those who see a light at the end of the tunnel and there are those who want to make them pay all together”described a high-ranking official about the negotiation horizon that opened when the project with half a sanction began its path to the upper house.

Río Negro has already made its first demands known to the Casa Rosada, to finish closing a political pact that leaves both parties satisfied. The emissary was Senator Mónica Silva, although Weretilneck had his own contacts.

It should not be overlooked that, before the demands, JSRN sent its signal with the favorable vote of Agustín Domingo in Deputies, justified simply on the basis of the “shielding” of Vaca Muerta and the explicit conservation of the Trust Fund that allows lowering the cost of the gas rate to residents of the Cold Zone of the country.

Opposition gymnastics in Río Negro

We must also stop at the scarcity of arguments that were enough for the former Minister of Economy to endorse the Milei Government project.

Peronism had reactions, but they were individual efforts, in social networks of provincial or national legislators. The approach of the former gubernatorial candidate, Silvia Horne, who warned on Friday about the lack of opposition gymnastics within the Peronist sectors led by Martín Soria and Martín Doñate.

And just as it was easy for Domingo, Weretilneck’s own experience will help find explanations for an eventual vote with the national ruling party in the Senate. The umbrella of “the defense of Rio Negro interests” is very broad to contain any questioning of the contradictions between words and actions.

Besides, Who from party politics could raise their hand to point out that type of nonsense?

The Peronism that marches alongside Doñate, now close to the person who was targeted as the intellectual responsible for the smear campaign titled “traitors”? The PRO, which has as its candidate for president a legislator who identifies with another political party soon to be recognized by Justice? Radicalism, which now proposes creating an anti-corruption office when among its ranks there are still leaders who led governments with several dark episodes?

Of course, the price of JSRN’s risky walk between one end of the national divide and the other can be paid by ordinary citizens when voting.

But far from the next elections, Perhaps the provincial ruling party will understand that it has credit to try again its suit as an expert in pragmatism.

They will be intense days, of political give and take. There where provincialism moves like a fish in water.

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