Who is Pablo Parra, the one accused of murdering Agustina Fernández in Cipolletti

He July 2, 2022, Agustina Fernández was brutally attacked inside an apartment in the complex where he lived. The owner was Pablo Parra, his neighbor, whom he had met a few months ago when he arrived in Cipolletti to study. At first it was said that it had been during a robbery, then eyes turned to Parra. Currently, he is the only defendant in the case and is being held in preventive detention in prison 5 of Cipolletti. On Monday, the popular jury will define whether he is guilty of Agustina’s femicide.

Pablo Parra was 36 years old and working in an oil company when he began dating Agustina Fernández, a 19-year-old girl who had moved to the same apartment complex as him in Cipolletti pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. That July night, Parra had invited Agustina to dinner at her house.

According to what the accused said in one of the first hearings for Agustina’s femicide, he had to go out to do some shopping and she was left alone in the apartment. It was at that moment that the brutal attack occurred. Supposedly when she returned from shopping she found her lying on the floor, unconscious and bloody.

“When I enter my home, I notice the light in the apartment is off and I find Agustina who was lying on the floor. He was like shaking, convulsing. I turned on the light in the room, it was all revolt, and I also noticed that there was a clothesline lying in an internal patio,” the accused said publicly. In addition, he added that he had stolen cash, cell phones and a sports bag from the home.

In principle, heThe Prosecutor’s Office investigated this theory but the investigation soon took an expected turn and focused on Parra, last person who had seen Agustina alive.

According to this new prosecution theory, The accused left the apartment where he lived with the intention of attacking the young woman. He had everything planned to commit the femicide, he even made sure that the young woman was in his apartment, a space of his knowledge and control.

To make sure, he invited her to dinner the same day the crime occurred; He waited for her outside the complex and told her to go to her apartment. He left her alone, and minutes later she returned through the back door and attacked Agustina.. Not satisfied, with the young woman already on his feet, he continued hitting her.

Once the crime has been committed, Parra left the place, messed up a section of the room to simulate a robbery, and He took his cell phone and Agustina’s. Also, he took the young woman’s keys.

To support his alibi, he went shopping at an ice cream parlor and a grocery store, made the payments with his card and returned to his apartment. When he found the young woman lying on the ground, he feigned surprise and went to his neighbor’s apartment to call the police stating that he had been robbed and that Agustina had been injured.

On December 22, 2022, Justice ordered the arrest of Pablo Parra who was in his apartment. Two days later he was transferred to Cipolletti prison 5, where he continues to be deprived of his freedom.

The trial will begin on Monday through which a popular jury will determine his guilt in the case. The legal classification of the case is femicide aggravated by having been committed with treachery, as the perpetrator.

The link between Agustina and Pablo Parra: the young woman’s mother did not trust him

The point that generated the most debate since the attack was the relationship between Agustina and Pablo Parra. For the accusers, there was a pre-existing relationship between the couple and that is why the legal classification was femicide but with the aggravating circumstance of that section, the first of article 80 of the Penal Code.

Defender Juan Manuel Coto said that there is a contradiction between that point and the accusers’ theory that maintains that they had a friendship relationship and not a couple. The prosecutor in the case Martín Pezzetta added the aggravating circumstance because his hypothesis is that the motive of Parra was the young woman’s rejection of a dating relationship.

The young woman’s mother always stated that on several occasions the young woman had told her that Parra “was intense.” Furthermore, she indicated that He was very aware of the young woman’s movements. and that every time they visited the complex “he came and went casually when they left.”

“The last time at the complex she wanted to tell me something, in fact, we were talking something intimately. I always say that women know how to keep secrets, but obviously when I have to speak, I will speak,” she assured.

During a press conference given by Agustina’s family, Silvana clarified that the young woman had no connection with Parra and assured that she did not want to talk to him. «I didn’t want to talk to him, I’m not blaming him, but I didn’t even want to look him in the eye. “I don’t know how I’m going to continue.”

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