NHRI of Arica and Parinacota accompanied and legally advised families of young conscripts affected during military service in Putre

The team from the Arica and Parinacota headquarters of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), accompanied this Sunday the relatives of the conscripts whose health was affected, during the military service they were carrying out in an Army unit in Putre. Led by the regional chief(s), Melissa Figueroa, this team went to the military facility in Arica where the young people are located to request background information on their health status. It should be remembered that the situation became known after the death of Franco Vargas (19) on April 27. Later, information was provided that another 45 conscripts had health problems. The seriousness of the incident was such that it warranted the transfer of two of the young people to the Military Hospital in Santiago and the hospitalization of another five in the Juan Noé Hospital in Arica. The rest of the young people were left in isolation. While there, four of those affected went out to meet with their families, after they received medical discharge and discharge from the Army. Then, the team from the Arica headquarters accompanied them to the Villa Albergue of the Municipality of Arica, where they would stay with their families.


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