Improvements planned in hospitals in northern Entre Ríos

Improvements planned in hospitals in northern Entre Ríos
Improvements planned in hospitals in northern Entre Ríos

The Minister of Health, Guillermo Grieve, visited this Friday the “9 de Julio” hospitals in La Paz and “General Francisco Ramírez” in Feliciano, where he met with local authorities in order to work on building improvement projects in both hospitals.

One of the main axes of Entre Ríos Health Program (PES) is based on the consolidation of the progressive care networkwhich implies the determination of the specific functions of each establishment, according to their resolution capacity (by level of complexity). In this sense, the survey allows the development of building and material improvement projects that also contribute to strengthen the centralized highly complex hospital transfer network.

In peace

In La Paz, the first tour was through the 9 de Julio Hospital. There, the minister revealed the details for the incorporation of the intensive therapy in the framework of a meeting with the director of the establishment, Fabio Paladino, together with the general directors of Material and Hospital Resources and the First Level of Care, Santiago Romero Ayala and Gladys Arosio, respectively.

Grieve noted: “We are going around the entire province again, observing the difficulties that institutions have to see how we can collaborate in the administrative and human resource management aspects.” And he added: “Particularly in this hospital we also met with management to advance the organization of the Intensive Care and Critical Care Room; “First of all, we were looking at where it will be located since that is very important to make it functional with the other services involved in emergency care, which involves the Guard room and the Laboratory.”

The minister explained that in the Entre Ríos Health Program (PES), which stipulates the leveling of hospitals, It is expected that on July 9, La Paz will be a level 3 establishment and, to achieve this, you need a medium-high complexity which includes critical care. “That is why it is essential to specify it as soon as possible, because the PES requires that hospitals be leveled in order to have the Interhospital Care Network and the Central High Complexity Transfer Network.”

In turn, the director of the hospital, Fabio Paladino, expressed: “For us, the visit of the Minister of Health was important to discuss how the hospital is functioning and tour the facilities to see together the correct place to do the therapy.” And he completed: “Of course, we already know and take into account that It is not just about the building workbut The launch of a service of these characteristics must also be accompanied by staff training”.

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Feliciano Hospital

Continuing with the survey, the minister and his team visited the Francisco Ramírez de Feliciano General Hospital, to continue with the reorganization. “The PES draws a direction for the attention in two shifts, morning and afternoon; be able to establish a turnera; the unique digital medical record and the hospitalizations, among other guidelines for care and hospital operation. Also “we were able to evaluate the adequate layout of the emergency unit and the operating room”the minister said.

Besides, economic resources increased for hospital operation, the provision of medicinesthe arrangement of the ambulance and the payment of what is owed. “From now on, with the rationalization of resources, we hope to work appropriately,” added the head of the health portfolio.

It is worth mentioning that the turnera, whether through WhatsApp or the Internet, is a very important resource so that people can take permanent guard shifts.

“For this hospital to be the northern pillar of the province, we search strengthen the work of the seven primary care centers, which we also visited. In this way, coordinated articulation contributes to increasing human and material resources to comply with the hospital and interhospital network,” Grieve concluded.

On the occasion, in addition to the health authorities already mentioned, the director of the hospital, Daniela Arceguet, participated; the administrative and human resources coordinator, Rodolfo Juan Carlos Moreno; the Chief of Personnel, Lorena Machado and the Services Coordinator, Walter Reguan.

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