Trial for the femicide of Agustina Fernández: the jury will say if Pablo Parra is the culprit

After almost two years of waiting, The jury trial that will determine whether Pablo Parra is guilty of the femicide of Agustina Fernández began in Cipolletti. There will be 11 days and it is expected to end on May 17. The hearing began with the instructions that the judge, Guillermo Baquero Lazcano, gave to the popular jury. In the courtroom is Agustina Fernández’s family. Her parents were the first to testify. The Prosecutor’s Office presented its theory about the case under four keys: “obsession, rejection, treasonous attack and hiding.” For its part, the defense assured that “Pablo Parra is not a murderer.”

From eight o’clock the trial for the femicide of Agustina Fernández takes place in the hearing room of the Judiciary of Cipolletti. The young woman had arrived in the city with the dream of becoming a doctor in March 2022. On July 2 she was brutally attacked inside Parra’s apartment. First it was said that it was a robbery, then the investigation took an expected turn and Parra was charged.

The opening arguments were given by the technical judge of the process, Guillermo Baquero Lazcano, who indicated to the popular jury what their role will be during this trial: listen, debate and determine if Pablo Parra is guilty of the femicide of Agustina Fernández.

Then, the hearing continued with the prosecution’s theory, presented by prosecutor Martín Pezzetta. There it was highlighted that they worked under four keys: “obsession, rejection, betrayal attack and hiding.”

After reviewing the fact, The Prosecutor’s Office assured that “it was Parra who installed the theory of the robbery, “But the investigators will provide objective evidence that was found at the scene to prove the opposite.”

For its part, the complaint asserted that AGustina did not want to get involved with Pablo Parra. In addition, he provided details about the attack that the young woman suffered in the accused’s apartment.

The defense began its arguments with the question: «Is Pablo Parra a murderer? « and they assured that the answer is “in Agustina’s hands.” Also, they highlighted Parra’s predisposition towards the investigation. «We are not saying that she was not attacked, We say that it was not Parra who attacked her«, they stated.

In the last accusation control, they were admitted 39 common witnesses for the prosecution, complaint and defense, 49 exclusive witnesses for the prosecution and the complaint and 27 for the defense.

During the process, documentary evidence of the raids and telephone interventions carried out during the investigation, photographs and police reports and also reports from the Telecommunications Investigation Office of the Attorney General’s Office and the Forensic Computer Office of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) will be exhibited. ).

Femicide of Agustina Fernández: the prosecution’s theory

According to prosecution theory, The accused Pablo Parra, on July 2, left the apartment where he lived with the intention of attacking the young woman. He had everything planned to commit the femicide, he even made sure that the young woman was in his apartment, a space of his knowledge and control.

To make sure, he invited her to dinner the same day the crime occurred; He waited for her outside the complex and told her to go to her apartment. He left her alone, and minutes later she returned, entering through the back door and attacked Agustina. Not satisfied, with the young woman already on his feet, he continued hitting her.

Once the crime has been committed, Parra left the place, messed up a section of the room to simulate a robbery, and He took his cell phone and Agustina’s. Also, he took the young woman’s keys.

He left the apartment through the same place he entered and went to his vehicle. To support his alibi, she went shopping at an ice cream parlor and a grocery store, made the payments with her card and returned to his apartment. When he found the young woman lying on the ground, he feigned surprise and went to his neighbor’s apartment to call the police stating that he had been robbed and that Agustina had been injured.

Last Friday the selection of the popular jury that will judge Pablo Parra was carried out. Men were more introverted and reticent to give their opinions. Women, on the other hand, expressed their feelings more, talked about emotions and their personal problems.

Trial for the femicide of Agustina Fernández: what the demonstrations will be like

The group Ni Una Menos called to gather outside the Palace of Justice for accompany family and acquaintances arriving from La Pampaprovince of origin of the young woman.

“We demand justice, Pablo Parra femicidal,” expresses the call issued by the Ni Una Menos de Cipolletti assembly for the start of the trial for the femicide of Agustina Fernández. From 8 a.m. they will gather in front of the Judicial Branch, located on the corner of España and Urquiza.

As they wrote, they will be serving “breakfast and a stew at noon, since many people come from La Pampa.” For that, they asked for collaboration to buy supplies.

Those interested in collaborating can send their contributions to the following Mercado Pago alias: feminist force.

For her part, Agustina Fernández’s mother thanked the support she has received from the first day from the community. and announced that for the start of the trial they are waiting for the arrival of a group of friends, relatives and neighbors of Agustina Fernández.

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