He is Jonathan Romero, whom Hernán Franco identified as his murderer in the 93rd park.

The name that has been mentioned in different testimonies of witnesses, questioned by the Attorney General’s Office, and which the victim also uttered shortly before dying, is none other than: Jonathan Romero.

The plan to assassinate Hernán Roberto Franco was carefully designed. They knew his movements and the exact moment to commit the crime.

One of the witnesses is an employee who helped Hernán after being shot by the hitman. This person declared to the authorities that: “He tells me on three occasions: it was Jonathan Romero, it was Jonathan Romero, it was Jonathan Romero.”

Another witness revealed that with Hernán “we had had a talk the day before, he told me that he had been threatened by Jonathan Romero, that’s what he always told me, and this was no exception. A day before, at his apartment, I met with him, he told me that he had a lot of stress issues and that they had to do with Jonathan Romero.”

Hernán Franco was murdered by hitmen when he was about to enter his office, near Parque de la 93, in the north of Bogotá. The moments before and after the crime were recorded on security cameras in the sector. | Photo: Supplied to Semana API

“He told me that the situation was quite complicated, that they were going to have a meeting, that they were going to try to reconcile the last time,” he added.

Jonathan Romero, the main suspect

Jonathan Romero is a Bogotá businessman, who worked as manager of the family business El Arrozal. Romero, along with his brothers, are heirs of El Arrozal.

According to testimonies, He would be behind the acts of corruption that Franco found in his audit, whose report he was going to deliver to the company’s partners, the day he was murdered.

“That conciliation sought to get Jonathan to sell his share and leave the matter at that, that they were not going to investigate it and that nothing was going to happen. What happened was that they had already seen differences in the financial management of the company El Arrozal and Tiendas El Líder, in taxes, invoices, payment of suppliers and mismanagement of Jonathan Romero. They were asking him to stop like this, since it was a family business, but Jonathan always refused,” a witness told the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Prosecutor's Office extracted information from the cell phone of Jean Karlo Bermúdez, the motorcyclist captured by the murdered auditor Hernán Franco, near the 93rd park.
The Prosecutor’s Office extracted information from the cell phone of Jean Karlo Bermúdez, the motorcyclist captured by the murdered auditor Hernán Franco, near the 93rd park. | Photo: Anonymous Author

Due to the repeated accusations, including that of the victim. Jonathan Romero has already testified before the Prosecutor’s Office, revealing details of his relationship with Hernán Franco.

According to revelations from Semana Magazine, Romero assured that the relationship with Franco was fluid, although her “temperament” did not help much, since her children knew each other. He also denied any connection to the murder.

In the investigation it was also learned that Hernán Franco locked himself in his apartment after communicating the results of his audit and receiving threats from Romero.

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