Yungay neighborhood: victim of brutal murder knew her killer

“There is premeditation in the act.” It was one of the conclusions reached by the head of the Santiago Centro Local Prosecutor’s Office, Francisco Jacir, in the case of robbery with homicide occurred last Wednesday, May 1, against a tourist of Peruvian nationality in the Yungay neighborhoodcommune of Santiago, whose accused was left this Sunday in preventive prison.

It should be remembered that that day, the victim, identified as Ruben Limache, was located in the front of a property located on Libertad Street. At that moment, the attacker arrived, Yuber Medinaof Venezuelan nationality, visibly armed with a firearm and even when the assaulted person did not resist and handed over his belongings, the latter He shot him directly in the face, causing his death.

Precisely, during the formalization hearing, held this Sunday afternoon, the prosecutor from the Central North Prosecutor’s Office invoked the aggravating factor of premeditation, ensuring that The accused and the victim already knew each other, and had met one day before the crime.

“From the investigation records collected in the last five days, they show that They actually knew each other from the day before the events”, he remarked.

The criminal shot the victim, without him resisting the assault.

The prosecutor detailed that this information was contributed to the investigation by the victim’s partner, and suggested that this would have “motivated the meeting the next day with the fatal outcome.”

At least, since the day before the events, there is evidence that they had gotten together. With respect to the days prior to it, it is a matter of investigation and precisely the time that was requested from the court is intended to deepen these proceedings to clarify that and other points,” he added.

Although the reasons are still unknown that led Medina to kill Limache, the Public Ministry provided some background information, such as that the victim, who had entered Chile regularly in mid-April, was as a tourist and with the aim of form a business “linked to the field of sneakers in the country”.

Regarding the accused, prosecutor Jacir pointed out that he was also on a regular basis, and “He wanted to sell his car, but it is not clear whether or not they were in that negotiation with the victim.”.

During the hearing, the persecutor reported that – according to the stories of the Limache couple – there was a moment when the assailant and the victim had both gone to a supermarket.

In this regard, he stressed that “We don’t know what happened in those 30 minutes.since the witness did not accompany him, it was only the victim and the accused, therefore, it is the subject of investigation along with many others that are pending. You have to determine what happened in that period of time”.

Regarding the aggravating circumstance of premeditation, the prosecutor argued that “This was more of an excuse to have the victim at the scene, and the initial objective was to kill him.since there is a very brief exchange once they meet, in addition to summoning him to a specific place in the morning hours of a holiday, changing the destination on several occasions to finally undertake it.

In this sense He also did not rule out that there may be other people involved. in the planning of the crime, ensuring that it is one of the aspects that the Prosecutor’s Office is working on.

He also considered relevant the testimonies provided by the key witnesses who were near the site of the incident. Among them are the driver of a bus, a person who was doing cleaning work and a local resident.

“All of them, from their perspective, become aware of different facts and They provide background information that, when concatenated, allows the participation of the accused to be proven., since they recognize the person formalized and now subject to the preventive detention measure, that they saw on the day of the events. Hence the relevant participation of those witnesses in the accreditation of the fact,” he indicated.

Considering that his freedom constitutes a danger to the security of society, Yuber Medina will remain in preventive detention, for at least 150 daysperiod granted by the Guarantee judge for the pursuing entity to support the respective investigation.

If found guilty in an oral trial, for the crime of robbery with homicide plus the aggravating circumstance of premeditation, would risk a sentence ranging from simple life imprisonment to qualified life imprisonment.

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