How much is this Monday, May 6th?

How much is this Monday, May 6th?
How much is this Monday, May 6th?

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The informal exchange gap is thus positioned at 16.24% with respect to the official dollar. The parallel is $15 above the value with which the year began (it closed 2023 at $1,025).

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The blue dollar and the official dollars

  • Banco Nación Dollar (BNA): $899
  • Blue Dollar: $1,045
  • Tourist Dollar: $1,438.40
  • Wholesale Dollar: $897.20
  • Cashed Dollar with Settlement (CCL): $1,125.10
  • MEP dollar: $1,060.60

He crypto dollar It is one of the currencies most purchased by Argentines. There are three types: DAI, USDC and USDT. There are applications that even allow these to be exchanged for dollars and then transfer that currency to banks. Its value can vary many times during the day and its price is very similar to the blue dollar. This Monday, May 6, it is trading at the following value:

  • Purchase: $1086
  • Sale: $1128

On Friday, the Central Bank (BCRA) bought US$144 million in the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC). The monetary authority has purchased US$305 million in May.

In this way, since December 13, the entity has added US$15,029 million, meaning that International Reserves now stand at US$28,374 million.

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