drivers wait for the deposit of salaries

drivers wait for the deposit of salaries
drivers wait for the deposit of salaries

This Monday marks the deadline set by UTA for the payment of the debt to urban passenger transport workers. Francisco Londero, ERSA workers’ delegate, told UNO that there was “a bad move” with the payment of the debt but the payment of April salaries would be paid this Tuesday.

“A meeting to pay the debt had been agreed for this Monday, but There was a bad move that means that we do not receive the deposits until more funds come in from the municipality, either with the increase in the ticket or extraordinary income.Londero commented and added: We are waiting for the Secretary General of UTA Entre Ríos to expose and explain the mistake he made by being legally advised by the union’s lawyer”.

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Photo: UNO/Juan Manuel Hernández

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However, the delegate clarified that, despite this debt, “We would not be justified in carrying out a service stoppage. If tomorrow we do not collect April salaries, measures could be taken there”. When asked about the payment of salaries, he stated: “Income from the province was reinforced, therefore the entire salary for this month would be there”.

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ONE / Mateo Oviedo

Drivers continue waiting for debt payment

It will be remembered that the drivers They had to initiate a force measure in April after the Buses Paraná company only deposited 30% of the salariesin addition to the debt for bonuses and increases to workers. The conflict lasted 12 days in the capital of Entre Ríos and, finally, a payment plan was agreed upon.

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In a press conference, the Deputy Secretary of UTA Nacional, Jorge Kienner, had indicated: “The workers made a gesture to get the units circulating again, but that has nothing to do with what is happening. If the province, the Municipality and the companies do not agree to guarantee the salary, continuity and source of work, the workers will be on the streets.


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