Diamante had a successful edition of the Chaná Challenge

Diamante had a successful edition of the Chaná Challenge
Diamante had a successful edition of the Chaná Challenge

On Sunday, the Chaná Challenge 2024 was held in the city of Diamante, a trail running challenge with more than 25 kilometers of trails on the coast of the Paraná River, whose development took place in the Tierra Chaná ecological reserve that was part of the route.

The competition, where there were more than 500 participants, was organized by Costa Río Paraná and was sponsored by ONE Between rivers.

The start took place from the Valle de la Ensenada Tourist Complex in the city of Diamante, which was the epicenter of the 5K, 12K, and 25K race.

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The participants had to overcome different obstacles. The water between them.

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The best in Diamond

In the General classification of the 25 kilometers, the winner in the Men’s branch was Wilson Guerrero from Paysandú, Eastern Republic of Uruguay, who completed the route with a time of 1 hour 54′ 10″ 002/1000. In second place was Ignacio Juárez de Libertador San Martín with a time of 1h 54′ 36″ 100/1000, while the podium was completed by his countryman Mateo Coria with 1h 54′ 39″ 727/1000.

Further back were: Cristian López (Santa Fe); Victor Oliva (Santa Fe); Facundo Orcellet (Villa Elisa); Diego Nasimbera (Santa Fe); Jonatan Sandrigo (San Lorenzo); Martín Schwindt (Gualeguaychú) and Mauro Burgos (San José), among the top ten.

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The start took place from the Valle de la Ensenada Tourist Complex.

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As for the Ladies, the winner was Silvana Chaulet from Villa Elisa, who spent 2 hours 18′ 19″ 987/1000 to cover the 25K of the test. The woman from Entre Ríos was escorted by Manuela Del Sastre from Santa Fe with 2h 20′ 15″ 875/1000 and by Virginia Coquet (also from Santa Fe) with 2h 24′ 14″ 651/1000.

The first ten places were completed by: Mariana Kokojaczuk (Rosario del Tala); María Laura Pascual (Goya); Inés Blasco (Santa Fe); Andrea Hupan (Concepción del Uruguay): Marina Giménez (San Lorenzo); María Eugenia Urrutia (Rosario) and Luisina De Lucca (Gualeguay).

The positions in the 12K

Regarding the 12 kilometers, the General was dominated among the men by Nicolás Vanstrate, a native of San Lorenzo (Santa Fe), who registered 47′ 22″ 174/1000 when crossing the finish line. His teammates on the podium They were Alexis Caraccio Neves from Paysandú with a time of 48′ 15″ 860/1000 and Daian Usinger from Crespo with 52′ 13″ 944/1000.


Further behind were: Renzo Miller (Paysandú); Juan Pereyra (Paraná); Ayrton Migueles (Viale); Roque Bourlot (Villa Elisa); Mauricio Roude (San Salvador); Lautaro Mandón (Capitán Bermúdez) and Facundo Benedetti (Gualeguay), within the top ten.

In Ladies, the first to cross the finish line was Luciana Jacobi from Vial, who marked a time of 1h 04′ 42″ 860/1000 on the clock, while second was Bibiana Mendoza from Gualeguay with a time of 1h 09′ 01″ 674 /1000 and third place was Sofía Marisco de Paysandú with 1h 09′ 24″ 205/1000.

Then they were placed: Carina Eckard (Hope); Flavia Bravo (Roldán); Gladys Retamar (Villaguay); Julieta Boschiazzo (Paraná); Verónica Germanier (San José); Ivana Charreun Combet (Villa Elisa) and Maria Segovia (Paraná).

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The test route was quite a challenge for the competitors.

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The results in 5K

In the 5K distance, the one who dominated the General classification of the Knights was Juan Espíndola from Paraná, with a record of 22′ 13″ 367/1000, followed by Delcio Peltzer from Villa Urquiza with 22′ 59″ 124/1000 and by Leandro Carreño from San Lorenzo with 23′ 04″ 537/1000.

Then they arrived: 4th) Mateo Roude (San Salvador); 5°) Andrés Romero (Paysandú); 6°) Ignacio Carrilao (Libertador San Martín); 7°) Pichi Lust (Diamond); 8°) Gerardo Solia (Paraná); 9°) Bautista Galeano (Diamond); 10°) Facundo Ballay (Paraná).

Among the women, the best was the diamond-born María José Geist with a time of 26′ 59″ 250/1000, being escorted by Shirley Romero from Paysandú with 27′ 07″ 404/1000 and by Agustina Aristegui from San José with 30′ 29 “436/1000.

Within the first ten came: Natalia Fernández (Arrecifes); Melisa Godoy (Paraná); Norma González (Gualeguay); Constance Buchet (Diamond); Abigail Aranda (Libertador San Martín); Jacqueline Merlo (Diamante) and María Silva Pereira (Libertador San Martín).

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Fun was also part of the activity in Diamante.

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Finally, in the 5K Trekking specialty, the winner was José Godoy from Paraná, escorted by Gabriel Andrada from Rosario and Francisco Costa from San Carlos Centro. In Ladies, the best was Andrea Rivarola from Paraná, followed by Graciela Schneider from Sauce Pinto and Soraya Narváez from María Grande.

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