Orange alert for risk of landslides in the Caribbean

Orange alert for risk of landslides in the Caribbean
Orange alert for risk of landslides in the Caribbean

He Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies, IDEAM, issued an orange alert due to landslide risk in the Colombian Caribbean.

The greatest threats arise in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta due to increased rainfall during the last week in the area. Likewise, there are risk of emergencies in the southern cone of Córdoba, Bolivar and Caesar.

From IDEAM they warn that they expect rains in large sectors of the region.

“We are forecasting estimated rain throughout the day, especially in the afternoon to sectors of Córdoba, in the center and south of Cesar and La Guajira and towards the north of the department of Magdalena. For Atlántico there is a probability of sporadic rains, light rains,” explained Luis Alfonso López, IDEAM meteorologist.

According to the meteorologist, in the maritime zone there is a probability of rain in the eastern Colombian Caribbean.

At the moment the entity rules out risk of sudden floods in the region’s rivers.


What does the orange alert imply?

The alert, related to weather conditions that increase the risk of a landslideseeks to ensure that the authorities can take preventive measures and that plans are implemented to mitigate risk.

Some of the measures that can be implemented are: permanent monitoring of high-risk conditions and areas, inform communities that are directly affected and establish early warnings.


Rain emergencies

The first rains in the departments of Atlántico and Bolívar already leave emergencies that keep the authorities of these territories on alert.

In the Atlantic, floods occurred in Usiacuri, Sabanalarga and Campo de la Cruz. Furthermore, in the municipality of Soledad the search is underway for a man who was swept away by the El Salao stream, in the Las Moras neighborhood.

Given the arrival of the La Niña phenomenon, starting next month, which would cause intense rains in the country, the Governor of Atlántico, Eduardo Verano, launched a preventive plan to clean streams and canalsin order to prepare the critical points of the territory, in the event of possible emergencies that may occur.

In the case of Boliva departmentr the effects have occurred mainly in Cartagena and the municipality of Turbaco.


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