Sending unaccompanied luggage to Cuba: current benefits

The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba has reported on the benefits that remain in force for sending unaccompanied luggage to Cuba.

In a note from Facebook reported:

“The benefits are extended through passengers as unaccompanied luggage until June 30, 2024, for non-commercial importation, exempt from payment of customs tax on food, hygiene, medicines and medical supplies.”

The entity clarifies that it is essential that these products be presented separately from the rest of the luggage and that they have a limit of 500 USD or equivalent weight of 50 kg.

What is unaccompanied baggage?

For luggage to be considered “unaccompanied” certain conditions must be met:

  • That arrives or departs before or after the passenger’s departure or arrival date.
  • Belong to a traveler who has actually traveled to Cuba.
  • Has been embarked in the same country of origin of the traveler.
  • That has been dispatched or embarked in the country of origin by the passenger himself or someone on his behalf.
  • It is assigned to the passenger himself.
  • That no more than thirty (30) days have passed since the date of arrival in the passenger’s country if it is by air, nor more than sixty (60) days if the arrival is by sea.

Cuban Customs clarifies that if these requirements are not met, the cargo is not classified as unaccompanied luggage and will receive shipping treatment.

Another element that you must take into account is that the value of the items imported as unaccompanied luggage is part of the maximum allowed limit of one thousand pesos to which the passenger is entitled upon arrival in Cuba.

Comments from Cubans about the measure:

“They should extend that, pharmacies are practically out of stock. And MSMEs, like MLC stores, have super exaggerated prices,” wrote Abi Romero.

“So our beloved government has already resolved the shortage of medicines in pharmacies and hospitals, in addition to the problem of lack of food? Yes, because if this measure is lifted, I imagine it is because all that has already been resolved,” another person questioned.

Free luggage Cuba

Remember that in addition to this provision, it has been extended until June 30, 2024, the importation, as part of the accompanied luggage (that which the passenger carries with them), of food, hygiene, medicines and medical supplies. These items can be taken to Cuba “without limits on their value and exempt from customs payment.”

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