Patricia Bullrich announced that “the bill to lower the age of imputability is now ready”

Patricia Bullrich announced that “the bill to lower the age of imputability is now ready”
Patricia Bullrich announced that “the bill to lower the age of imputability is now ready”
May 6, 2024

The Minister of Justice, Mariano Cneo Libarona and the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullricharrived this Monday at rosary beads to participate in a meeting of the Interinstitutional Advisory Council of the Federal Criminal Procedure Reform in the Faculty of Law of the National University of Rosario (A R). The officials presented the new accusatory system of the Federal Justice of the city of Santa Fe and then gave details of the implementation of the updated Code of Criminal Procedure.

The expectation of the ruling party is that it will have an impact on the drug trafficking problem.

“A lot of progress was made, many gangs were arrested. There is a real criminal persecution and use of criminal intelligence that is disarming the gangs.”analyzed the official.

The minister listed some benefits that the new system will have such as orality, immediacy, speed, the principle of opportunity, alternatives for conflict resolution, quick and effective oral trials, limited times.“Without a doubt it will provide what we want, a better Argentina”, he stated.

At the same time, he highlighted that the new code allows previous instances of resolution of causes byalternative methods such as conciliation, comprehensive reparation, a summary trial, probation.

In addition, he confirmed that the Government hasready hebillforlower the age of imputability and that they will present it in Congress when Javier Milei return from your trip to state Joined.

“He is entering the National Congress these days”,the official reported from Rosario.

On the proposal to reduce the age from which young people who commit crimes can be tried and sentenced (today established at 16 years)Bullrich said that they worked on a project together with the Ministry of Justice, led by Mariano Cneo Libarona.

“We have already worked on a project that Justice presented, we have workedboth teams together. “The project is ready.”he stressed.

Yes ok I did not provide details of the content of the text, He announced that the project will be presented in Congress when Milei returns from his trip to the city of Los Angeles, United States.

Law 22,278, passed during the military dictatorship, maintains that“A minor who has not reached the age of sixteen is not punishable”.Although the Government does not specify the new age from which minors can be tried and sentencedGnaeus Libarona had spoken of establishing it in 14 years.

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