Transport workers join the CGT strike on Thursday

Transport workers join the CGT strike on Thursday
Transport workers join the CGT strike on Thursday

In addition, the workers demanded that “free joint agreements and the immediate approval of agreements in some of the activities of unions that are part of the CATT” be respected, and they were against the privatization of state companies, a point contemplated in the Base Law.

At another point in his determination They rejected the restitution of the Income Tax provided for in the Fiscal Measures Lawwhich received half a sanction in Deputies just after the approval of the Bases Law in that Chamber.

During this Monday, assemblies were held in 42 multimodal transport organizations, including the Argentine Association of Aircraft Operators, the Union of Road and Related Workers (STVyARA), the Federation of Taxi Workers (Fepetax) and the member unions of the Maritime Federation, Port and Naval Industry (FeMPINRA).

The Secretary General of FeMPINRA and Deputy Secretary of the CATT, Juan Carlos Schmid, maintained that the current “It is a Government that has collapsed consumption by 40%, that has practically suffocated retirees and that launched from day one a protocol where social protest is compared to an armed crime.”.

In this regard, he considered that “those are sufficient reasons to protest,” and added that on Thursday “there will be a total paralysis of the area.”

“Everything that is happening to some extent is old: the labor reforms, the restructuring of public administrations, the privatization of companies, they have already done it and the country is impoverished to this point,” he indicated.

For his part, the head of Aeronavegantes and Press Secretary of the CATT, Juan Pablo Brey, warned that “if this law (by the Bases Law) goes ahead we will remember those who voted for it because they are betraying the people and the country.””.

“We are going to defend our companies and we are going to defend the rights of workers,” he stated.

Metrodelegates adhere to Thursday’s strike and there will be no subways all day

After the assemblies held this Monday, the Union Association of Subway and Premetro Workers (AGTSyP – Metrodelegadxs) decided to join the national strike called by the CGT and the two CTAs next Thursday, May 9. Therefore, there will be no service on any of the lines or in the premetro 24 hours a day.

National strike of the CGT on May 9: who adheres

It’s about the second measure of strength of the workers’ confederation so far in the government of Milei. The first had been on January 24 and took place with a 12-hour national strike with mobilization.

As confirmed Daer, all guilds that are part of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) will join the strike general this Thursday, May 9. This includes the following unions:

  • FAECYS (Commerce)
  • UOCRA (Construction)
  • UPCN and ATE (State)
  • FTIA (Food)
  • FATSA (Health)
  • UOM (Metallurgists)
  • UTHGRA (Hotels and restaurants)
  • UATRE (Rural)
  • SMATA (Mechanical)
  • Light and Strength (Energy)
  • FNTC (Truckers)
  • UTA (Urban Collective Transport)
  • The Bank
  • CEA (Teachers)
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