Elon Musk recommended investing in Argentina and Manuel Adorni thanked him: “Thanks. “End”

Elon Musk recommended investing in Argentina and Manuel Adorni thanked him: “Thanks. “End”
Elon Musk recommended investing in Argentina and Manuel Adorni thanked him: “Thanks. “End”

“I recommend investing in Argentina,” he wrote this Monday night Elon Musk on X, the social network he owns, by reposting and quoting a previous publication in which he expressed that he had “a great meeting” during the afternoon with Javier Milei in Los Angeles.

Previously, the Argentine head of state had spoken at the Milken Institute Forum, with the presence of the world’s leading bankers, CEOs and businessmen.

He also came face to face with Gianni Infantinopresident of FIFA, who gave him a pennant from the world football regulatory body with the legend “His Excellency Mr. Javier Gerardo Milei, President of the Argentine Republic. With respect.”

In addition, the Italian-Swiss gave him a ball and a shirt with the number 10 and the President’s name on the back. The general secretary of the Presidency and sister of the president also participated in the meeting, Karina Mileiand the United States ambassador, Gerardo Werthein.

Later, with the same witnesses, Milei’s turn came. second meeting with the owner of Starlink and Tesla. This time it was in Los Angeles.

“Great meeting with President @JMilei!” Musk wrote on his social network, along with a photo in which he is seen. next to the Argentine president, both with their thumbs upwith Karina Milei and Werthein accompanying.

Javier Milei had his second meeting with Elon Musk. Photo Presidency

Almost two hours after that publication, the South African tycoon would make the suggestion about investing in Argentina, which did nothing more than reaffirm its strong support for Milei.

The particular closing of Adorni’s response to Elon Musk’s post

“Thanks Elon, you are the best,” he wrote Manuel Adorni in x to thank Musk, owner of that platform, for the words he dedicated to Javier Milei after the meeting they had this afternoon.

The curious thing was in the closing of the presidential spokesperson’s message, whose translation into Spanish is “Thank you Elon, you are the best”, in which exchanged his classic “Fin” for its English equivalent “End”.

Milei and Musk met in person on April 12 in Austin, Texas, after some interactions on social networks and telephone conversations. There, the Argentine president and the second richest man in the world toured Tesla’s immense 1,000-hectare industrial plant called GigaTexas.

“It was like love at first sight,” said a witness of the first face-to-face meeting between the two, in the largest Tesla factory, one of the companies in the Space X and Starlink duel.

A few minutes after that quote, the South African said: “We are moving towards an exciting and inspiring future!”

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