What is the ideal route for trekking at this time of year?

What is the ideal route for trekking at this time of year?
What is the ideal route for trekking at this time of year?

A place that promises to be a tourist boom in northern Argentina during the winter break.

With the start date of the winter holidays confirmed throughout the country, families are already planning their getaways to various parts of Argentina. Like every year, northern Argentina is the most chosen and a place a few kilometers from Tucumán promises to attract thousands of tourists.

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Announced by the Government, in Tucumán the winter break will be from July 8 to 19 and will coincide with other provinces. Among the most recommended locations this year, the Cuesta de Portezuelo attracts all attention, mainly from those who love outdoor activities, such as trekking. Where is it and how to get there?

What Cuesta del Portezuelo is like

La Cuesta del Portezuelo stands out for its natural beauty and panoramic landscapes. This route is ideal for trekking and enjoying spectacular views. The road crosses the famous Sierra del Ancasti, a characteristic mountain range of Catamarca that offers impressive landscapes. With 300 hairpin curves, this winding route was built in 1939 and became an important tourist attraction in the region.

The altitude of the Cuesta del Portezuelo varies from approximately 500 meters above sea level in the vicinity of the town of El Portezuelo, to its highest point at 1,680 meters high. In the elevated areas, visitors can enjoy activities such as hang gliding and paragliding, taking advantage of the air currents and panoramic views.

The natural beauty of the Cuesta del Portezuelo even inspired musical compositions, such as the zamba “Paisaje de Catamarca” by local composer Polo Giménez. In his honor, a monument was erected at the top of this emblematic place.

Where is Cuesta del Portezuelo

La Cuesta del Portezuelo is located in the province of Catamarca, more specifically approximately 18 kilometers from the provincial capital, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca. This impressive route is part of the connection between National Route 38 and Provincial Route 42, in the Sierra del Ancasti region, a characteristic mountain range of Catamarca.

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