Cabales will celebrate a decade of music this weekend

Cabales will celebrate a decade of music this weekend
Cabales will celebrate a decade of music this weekend

Next Friday, the Salta group Cabales will mark the beginning of their “10 Years” tour at the emblematic Miter Theater in our city, opening a season of celebrations for a decade dedicated to music. The trio, composed of Fernando “Zurdo” Borjas, Javier Santillán and Juan Pablo Delgado, is preparing to meet again with its followers in a series of presentations that will tour Argentina and Bolivia throughout the year.

Since their inception, Cabales has captivated their audience with their energetic folkloric style that has allowed them to consolidate a loyal fan base, especially in Jujuy, where they have shined in local peñas. In addition, they have left their mark on the Los Tekis Carnival, strengthening their connection with the Jujuy public.

“It was a chance meeting that brought us together,” Santillán recalled when talking about how it all began during a recent interview in the online cycle “El Matutino” of The Tribune of Jujuy. “We crossed paths, we started talking about music and from there the idea of ​​getting together to play arose,” Delgado added. Fernando Borjas, the last to join the group, completes the story. “And it has been an incredible adventure,” he said.

The “10 Years” tour is not only an opportunity to celebrate their achievements, but also to reflect the evolution of their sound and their artistic maturity. “We’re going to make a mix of everything we’ve done so far, from our first songs to our most recent ones,” Delgado shared. This repertoire will include songs from their first albums, as well as the latest material they released last year called “Simple”, highlighting the presence of several guest artists on their recordings, including Rubén Ehizaguirre, Pitin Zalazar, Pablo Quijano and Los Tekis. “These collaborations are a testament to the musical variety and richness that we are seeking to incorporate throughout our career. We always seek to enrich our sound and reach a broader audience,” said Delgado.


Then, Santillán highlighted the importance of the guests in his show. “We will have guests, but that is still a surprise,” which anticipates an evening full of emotions and memorable collaborations. Although he exclusively confirmed the participation of the young Cele Rodriguez in the show at the Jujuy coliseum, she will add her talent to this special celebration.

There has been no shortage of challenges along the way, but as Borjas pointed out, “each step has its challenges, but more than anything it has been to remain faithful to our style and continue to evolve musically without losing our essence.” This philosophy has allowed them to not only survive in the industry but thrive, making a significant impact both in their native Salta and beyond its borders.

The affection they receive from their audience is a recurring theme in their conversation. Delgado reflected on the emotion they feel when they get on stage: “It’s incredible how they receive us. That connection is something that we always remember and that motivates us to keep going.”

In terms of future plans, the group is looking beyond the tour. “We continue dreaming and creating. Music is our life and as long as there is someone who wants to listen to us, Cabales will continue forward,” Borjas assured optimistically. This sentiment is echoed in Delgado’s words: “We hope that these first ten years are just the beginning of many more.”

Tickets for the inaugural show are now available at

This evening promises to not only be a celebration of past successes, but also a prelude to what is to come for Cabales.

As Javier Santillán summarizes well: “We want it to be a show that shows our evolution and where we can share with people not only our music, but also our gratitude for their support during all these years.” In this spirit, Cabales is ready to embark on this tour, reaffirming his commitment to his art and his audience. With each note and each song, they seek to leave an indelible mark, celebrating not only a decade of music, but the beginning of many more.

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