Daniel Roldán: Apple and the Club World Cup

Daniel Roldán: Apple and the Club World Cup
Daniel Roldán: Apple and the Club World Cup

The new war between streaming platforms is sports. It concentrates millions of people and their subscriptions can alter the companies’ results. It happened in India. Disney decided not to renew the cricket rights. Millions of users unsubscribed on Hotstar (the channel that broadcast it) and it was a little drama at the time, but it is possible that in the long-medium term it has saved a lot of costs. It was a very specific experience, which has not made the mouse company give up on broadcasting sports in streaming.

A few days ago it announced that it had bought the rights to the Europa and Conference League, the second and third football competitions in the Old Continent, for Sweden and Denmark. A strange movement – only two countries -, relatively cheap and that has been interpreted as a test bed for more expansive future actions. Netflix has not stood still either: it offered the exhibition match between Rafa Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz live and will broadcast Mike Tyson’s return to the rings. And YouTube longs for a package of NBA games.

But the one who has entered, once again, putting a lot of money on the table is Apple. He has already bought the rights to the American Soccer League (MLS) for a decade and it is suspected that he wants to take over the rights to Formula 1. Now, he has offered a billion dollars to FIFA to keep the rights to the new World Cup. 32-team clubs to be held next summer. If the football organization accepts, what will the apple company do? Will you resell them? Will everyone have to register on the platform? A movement that can make rights more expensive and harm the fan.


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