Ferrer – Troilo

Ferrer – Troilo
Ferrer – Troilo

“’Not everyone can like you,’ says the founder, in 1990, and president of the National Tango Academy. The premiere of María… was forty years ago, on May 8, 1968, in the now-defunct Planeta room, at the back of the Suipacha and Paraguay gallery.

‘It was from the Armenia Foundation and Eduardo Eurneldan -yes, the same one from Aeropuertos 2000- rented it to us for four months. We produced everything ourselves, there was no sponsorship or anything. The National Endowment for the Arts lent us money – a loan, not a subsidy – but we couldn’t pay it back. We thought we were going to get the monthly fee from the collection, but no one came. Until the magazine Gente – I worked for Editorial Atlántida – organized a function inviting all the heroes of tango, and Fresedo, Rivero, Homero Espósito came, and it was a great success,” says the lyricist of the tangos ‘Chiquilín de Bachín’ , ‘Juanito Laguna helps his mother’ and ‘Balada para un loco’.

The one who missed the appointment was Aníbal ‘Pichuco’ Troilo. ‘He got jealous, to my honor. He is one of the people I admired most in my life and so is Piazzolla. We both felt like his disciples. At that time he was in bad shape, living in his last years. But about ‘Balada para un loco’ he told me: ‘You two have once again composed ‘La cumparsita’ ‘How noble! “He was great in soul,” he says about the musician for whom he wrote ‘Your penultimate tango’.

By Leni González to Horacio Ferrer
Criticism of Argentina – Culture – 10-10-08

Your Penultimate Tango

My love, your tango is this kiss
that still floats and dreams through your lips,
and it’s also my voice, sometimes
that I started crying alone.

I go hand in hand to my neighborhood,
Soler and Gallo, in the hallway
I see my parents like yesterday,
they are killing, they are silent
what I already know today.

This is your tango,
little thing and so much life
with you lived
of fat heart and thin bread.
Your tango is always thirsty
of the bandoneon
that like a bird was drinking you
and it is the pain of last bond
that already naked,
stolen and sad I left you.

My love, your tango is your tenderness
that, even dead, makes my soul a yoke
and it is your forgiveness as a faithful companion
that flooded me with cribs.

Your tango will go to night
and through the skin it will tell you
how it made my heart beautiful
with the ñatita in the gate
from beyond.

(To Zita de Troilo)

Music: Aníbal Troilo
Lyrics: Horacio Ferrer

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