Accept in Chile: The place of Germans in the world

By Vicente Flores

There are bands that seem to have a second home in Chile. Like Argentina, Brazil or Mexico, our country is characterized by being one of the exclusive places in the world that, no matter how many years go by, continues to be one of the favorites for metal groups. One of those cases is that of Acceptthe most important German heavy metal band.

On Sunday night there was constant déjà vu in it Colosseum Theater. Once again, the already practically Chileans of Accept They returned to one of the places where they feel most loved. In fact, the only founding member of the current lineup, guitarist Wolf Hoffmannhe said in 2018 to ChileanSkies that this nation “has one of the best metal audiences in the world, they are very passionate and love to sing our songs. “We love going to Chile!”

And that was more than evident. This, the ninth time that the band performed in Chile, would be as successful as the previous ones. Just like when they recorded a DVD in 2013 on national soil, or just a year ago, when they were part of the Metal Fest.

This time, nothing would be different. It may be monotonous, but… why change old habits? Aren’t we excited when, once again, Iron Maiden announce your return? This is, perhaps, the large-scale example that best symbolizes that classics never die.

Accept It is a Chilean classic. Therefore, again, the Coliseum roared to hear the screams of Mark Tornillo, as well as Hoffmann’s eternal riffs. What’s more, probably a large part of those present had already enjoyed the Germans, perhaps even more than once. But that will never matter. Accept will always be one of those bands that make their home in Chile.

Before the show of the heavy metal legends, he presented Amalgam. Group formed in Russia, but that has musicians of different nationalities. Led by Vlad Ivoilov, The opening acts exhibited the best of their most “epic” metal, but which at times mutated into power.

With an interesting staging, and accompanied by their keyboard player dressed as a clown – which is their trademark – the internationals knew how to captivate the audience, which at that point was already taking up a lot of space on the field.

Then the wait was short. Many t-shirts Accept, In addition to a Chilean flag with the name of the band, they could be seen in the venue. A little after 9 p.m. the Germans charged.

With their classic energy and smiling faces, the six musicians looked very comfortable on stage. They only change recently, since their loyal audience is the same as always.

Just with the news of Joel Hoekstra -actually in Whitesnake– on the third guitar, since Phillip Shouse He had to be absent due to personal problems. At his side, the incombustible Screw and Hoffmann They couldn’t stop encouraging their fans. They sang both their classics and the songs from their latest album, “Humanoid”, released just a few weeks ago.

The first hits from yesteryear to appear were “Midnight Move” and “London Leatherboys“. Both have been performed by their authors countless times in Chile, probably in all their presentations. However, the magic with which Creole metalheads jump, moshe and sing never ceases to surprise their visitors.

Those who saw them for the first time must have camouflaged themselves among the troop of old metalheads who are already used to meeting the Germans. A single energy emanated from the theater, from the stalls to the court.

When they played their newest songs, the reception was also notable. “The Reckoning” or “Humanoid” are solid pieces, proof that the band is more relevant than ever.

The current lineup has rejuvenated the group. In addition to those previously mentioned, the drummer Christopher Williamsthe bassist Martin Motnik and the guitarist Uwe Luli They complete a first-class line-up.

The cries of Screw They continue to shock like the first time he presented his credentials in Chile. And logically, Hoffmann He is the heart of the group, both in music and presence.

The flares appeared with “Fast as a shark“, iconic song that laid the foundations of speed metal. As soon as those devilish riffs sounded, people turned to the excitement that few recreational activities can deliver.

An ending full of successes, with “Teutonic Terror” as a flag of the last years of the group, where they demonstrate that creativity does not cease with the passage of time. The choruses sound the same as when listening to the glories of the past, like “Princess of the Dawn” or “Metal Heart”. That soundtrack that has marked the lives of those present does not lose its magic, just like the song that launched them to stardom: “Balls to the Wall. Logically, it was the song most enjoyed by the majority, and of course, it has one of the lyrics best known by metalheads around the world. Even though the unmistakable one is no longer there Udo Dirkschneider In terms of voice, his replacement has done it in an extraordinary way. No matter how many new bands come, Accept and that song will always be on every metalhead’s playlist.

Finally, the Germans closed with ““I’m a Rebel”, another must-see of his recitals. Thus, almost without voice or strength, the Chilean fans once again celebrated the validity of Accept, historic band for heavy metal, but even more so for Chile, because there is no doubt that they already have more than earned nationality.

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