Protection measures for Juan Amarillo, Córdoba and Jaboque wetlands

Protection measures for Juan Amarillo, Córdoba and Jaboque wetlands
Protection measures for Juan Amarillo, Córdoba and Jaboque wetlands

The issuance of the resolution was carried out by this portfolio, as the authority of the international Ramsar convention on wetlands.


This measure implies the immediate suspension of the interventions carried out in the three wetlands; Added to this, it causes the District Environment Secretariat to carry out, respectively, an environmental impact study, which allows knowing the effects that the hardening works had on the wetlands. During the study, there will be support from the Ministry of the Environment, which will be in charge of evaluating future actions taken within this protection measure.

In this regard, Susana Muhamad, Minister of the Environment, stated: “The Ramsar convention requires an environmental impact study to carry out this type of intervention, which was not carried out. The unusual volume of cement is disturbing the natural dynamics by introducing a heavy material that is not in accordance with the functions of these ecosystems. The works were being carried out in the roundabouts and recovery areas of the wetlands.”

Concrete structures with an approximate volume of 432 cubic meters of cement were part of the Ministry’s findings in the Juan Amarillo wetland. In that sense, the technical concept concluded that this infrastructure forms a barrier of more than 70 square meters, which would have a direct impact on the natural dynamics of the wetland.

At the same time, in the Jaboque and Córdoba wetlands, heavy material with completed works was also found. The resolution in these ecosystems has an impact on the advancement of more infrastructures in the future, since it will not be allowed to build them.

For his part, Héctor Lorenzana, from the Muisca de Suba council, stated: “It is a vision of the city to believe that the wetland is a recreational park with hardening actions and for the enjoyment of human beings solely and exclusively and we have said which is an ecosystem space, a space for life. We were longing for this measure, waiting with great hope.”

It is worth mentioning that in Bogotá there is currently the first High Andean Wetlands complex in Latin America and the first Urban Wetlands Complex in the entire country, in which 11 of the 17 Wetlands in Colombian territory retain a place on the list of Wetlands. of International Importance (Ramsar); and not only that, but they are also considered Important Bird Conservation Areas (ICAS).

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