«It is an undeserved honor, but very exciting»

– What was your first reaction when you heard the news?

–Who have you remembered at this time?

– Of all the people who have brought me here. Things always happen thanks to others: your family, your teachers, your friends…

– What if I had to dedicate it to someone?

– To my family. And to my friends from La Rioja. But I remember my wife, my three children, the people who are with me every day.

– You live in Madrid and travel around the world. Do you keep the flame of La Rioja alive with your children?

– No matter where I am, I always take a moment to pay attention to what is happening in La Rioja. And we come as much as we can. A little less in winter, but in summer we always try to escape. My mother is from Leiva and Haro, where I lived as a child and young man, we go frequently. We were also in San Millán recently. Right now, when the news came out, a teacher of mine from high school and the teacher who taught me to read or write have written to me.

– Both in the world of business and in sports, you have a very important track record. What place will this award occupy?

– This is much more than a recognition. Everything that has to do with one’s origin, with the town, with one’s childhood, has a special significance. And it is a very important motivation to be better and to do more things. When we go out to train, we always set the ‘three axes’: humility, humanity and humor. And I associate those three attributes with people from La Rioja. That cannot be forgotten.

– When reviewing his career, the Government equally values ​​his work in business, in the third sector and in sports. Which do you consider most important?

– The three areas are part of the same thing; They are my life and my career. Every day I learn about sports, the business world and the social world. It’s a whole. But I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the work that ONCE and Cermi (Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities) carry out in La Rioja and throughout Spain.


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