Invisible drug trafficker who used $70 million chains and built a Pablo Escobar-style hacienda in Cundinamarca fell

Invisible drug trafficker who used $70 million chains and built a Pablo Escobar-style hacienda in Cundinamarca fell
Invisible drug trafficker who used $70 million chains and built a Pablo Escobar-style hacienda in Cundinamarca fell

On the morning of this Tuesday, May 7, the director of the National Police, General William René Salamanca, referred to an operation carried out in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office and French authorities that allowed the capture of a Invisible drug trafficker with links to the criminal organization ‘Tren de Aragua’.

This is the Venezuelan citizen Juan Antonio Gil Díaz, alias Toño, accused of providing weapons and explosives to the ‘Aragua Train’, and who was located with the support of the Air Force in Paratebueno, Cundinamarca.

According to the Police, alias Toño is considered an invisible drug trafficker “who started as a mafia boatman and ended up hanging on his neck gold chains worth 70 million pesos”. Interpol issued a red notice against him at the request of France, for drug trafficking of migrants and criminal association.

In fact, the captured “He had been emulating the eccentricities of the extinct boss of the Medellín cartel, Pablo Escobar Gaviria: he was building his own version of the mythical Hacienda Nápoles, which even included hippos and other wild animals brought from Africa,” the Police said.

Weapons and jewelry seized from alias Toño of the ‘Tren de Aragua’


The recreational complex that was being built was located in the rural area of ​​Paratebueno and had four modern buildings, a large swimming pool, and large play areas. and an exclusive bar with all kinds of imported liquors. Paso Fino horses and more than a hundred heads of cattle grazed in its meadows.

The captured man is accused of being an associate of the fugitive Héctor Rusthenford Guerrero, ‘Niño Guerrero’, head of the ‘Tren de Aragua’ and is considered the main supplier of narcotics, weapons and explosives to that criminal organization.

The final operation to make ‘Toño’ visible began last November, when the French authorities alerted the National Police about the possible presence of this criminal in Colombia. who has been investigated since March 2023 as allegedly responsible for a shipment of eight tons of cocaine seized in French Guyana.

Capture of alias Toño was in Paratebueno, Cundinamarca.


Immediately, General William René Salamanca Ramírez led a search strategy that made it possible to verify that in 2020 he had arrived in Bogotá, where he blended in in an exclusive apartment, and then moved to Villavicencio and Puerto López, where he posed as a prosperous rancher.

Later, through front men, he acquired vast lands in Paratebueno, on the border with the department of Meta, where he continued to serve as a successful businessman and He always traveled in high-end armored trucks, protected by motorcycle squads.

General William René Salamanca Ramírez, director of the Colombian National Police.

Photo:Mauricio Moreno. TIME

However, active inter-institutional and international cooperation made it possible to establish that, from clandestine tracks located in Meta and Casanare, he transported drug shipments to Venezuela, from where he fled to Colombia after an operation in the state of Sucre, where the authorities of that country They dismantled two drug collection centers and They seized more than 52 rifles, ammunition, four boats and a semi-submersible.

“With this forceful blow we continue to unmask invisible drug traffickers, dismantle the ‘Aragua Train’ and decimate transnational organized crime,” said General Salamanca, who added: “There will be a second and even third phase of this investigation, which will allow us to identify all the members of this organization, apply domain forfeiture to dozens of assets and identify its tentacles abroad.”

Capture of alias Toño was in Paratebueno, Cundinamarca.


During the operation, in which 40 million pesos and 3,200 dollars in cash were seized, four other members of this same organization known as the aliases of Felipe, Maikel, José and Ángel, who led the ringleader’s security team.

They must answer for the crime of trafficking, manufacturing or carrying weapons, since 8 pistols were found at the scene, including 4 Five-Seven brands, 17 suppliers, 206 cartridges and seven satellite radios.

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