He is from Tucumán, Argentine kitesurfing champion and travels the world trying to grow in the discipline

He is from Tucumán, Argentine kitesurfing champion and travels the world trying to grow in the discipline
He is from Tucumán, Argentine kitesurfing champion and travels the world trying to grow in the discipline

The sport requires certain weather conditions that specialists look for in different corners of the map. “It makes you nomad,” she said.

The athletes who are part of this section have precise location coordinates on the globe. They stay in one place for a long time. But with Santiago Cisnerosa man from Tucuman who travels around the world practicing kitesurfing, that is difficult.

At most, the Argentine sports champion spends about three months in one country. Even in that geography, he is also moving from one place to another. “It’s a very unique sport and the lifestyle is very nomadic,” he says. The rider’s location these weeks is Tarifa, Spain, for the central reason that it involves practicing the sport. “Nowhere in the world do we have perfect conditions all year round.”

The “Santi” season almost always begins in Argentine Patagonia, continues for about three months around Europe and from there it seeks the north of Brazil which, according to its assessment, has unique conditions. “Now I have been outside Tucumán for a month in one of the most important spots in world kitesurfing,” he says about another specific word in the sport. To “rider”, which translates as rider or driver, we must add “spots” to the dictionary, the places where you can navigate.

The one in Tarifa has a worldwide top-ten reputation. There are those perfect conditions that Cisneros and all those who like kitesurfing pursue around the world. According to the Lazykite school in the city of Cádiz, Spain, the ideal speed for kitesurfing is 14 to 21 knots, something like 25 to 38 kilometers per hour.

AROUND THE WORLD. Cisneros assures that in order to find the desired climatic conditions you have to go from one place to the other.

In addition to the equipment that the sport requires, there is also the travel; a combo that can economically be a determining factor. More than a dream, the situation can take away sleep. “There was always the desire to make a living from this. I pursued it from below looking for all the alternatives to afford what I like so much. Today I can say that I am achieving it little by little,” celebrates the 20-year-old athlete.

The level achieved by Cisneros transcended Argentine borders. Social networks make it within reach of a click to see how “Santi” could have navigated several weekends in Ticucho, for example, or El Cadillal. His performance caught the attention of the Ozone brand, one of the leading manufacturers of kites and paragliders. Another clarification of the technical vocabulary is worth: kite, is the kite, the sail as it is also known. It has nothing to do with astrology and a little to do with kites that are also called comets.

“Santi”, in addition to competing with the sponsor’s equipment, also functions as a tester of the performance of the elements. “With your support I look for a way to work, navigate and be a better person,” he explains. The young man always had the unconditional support of his family, but what he has been achieving since he was 15 when he started traveling the world, he did almost on his own.

That is why it is encouraged to request an asterisk, a note in the margin that, due to the power of its message, becomes a special paragraph. “All those who are perhaps at a point in their life where they don’t know whether to bet on what they do, on their sport or simply on what they like, have to know that the road will not be easy; that is sure. But as long as we push for what is ours and for what we really want, life will return it in more beautiful ways. Go ahead and go because it is yours,” encourages the rider who does not rule out starting training in the area of ​​marketing and design.

“In my case it is difficult to have long-term projections or have something fixed in one place. You always have to move and that means being far away for all those people you care about. But it is the life we ​​choose and it makes us happy,” she comments. That chosen life came after several options that she had presented to her by his father. “My madness for this sport comes from him. His hobbies always stuck with me. Aeromodelling, more than anything, was always what we did. Personally, I would not like to be part of political life, but I totally respect that they seek to get involved seeking the good for everyone,” he reflects on the role of public official that his father Gonzalo played as Councilor of Yerba Buena.

Concentrating then on his kitesurfing heritage, Cisneros continues to shape his career in a sport considered modern, but for which there are records of similar practices since the 12th century in China and Indonesia. Currently kitesurfing has several modalities. “I practice big air a little more, which is where the industry is pushing. It’s a little more colorful; It consists of high-altitude jumps with potential tricks with the kite. Freestyle is more technical; at low height but with many turns and twists. There are also the ramps. In the kite park league they are the obstacles that are placed in the water,” instructs the rider.

THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY. Santiago Cisneros is the Argentine kitesurfing champion.

Kitesurfing will be present at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

In June, the sport will take a key step to expand further on the planet: it will be part of the Olympic program in Paris. “The modality will be race foil. They are boards that rise one meter from the water. It consists of a race through a previously marked circuit”, details what it will do. Catalina Turienzothe woman from Bahia who will be barely 18 years old when she becomes an Olympian representing the country.

“Santi”, in the modality he likes the most, has to focus, unlike his colleague who has to go as fast as possible, on dazzling the judges. “The criteria that are evaluated are the total height at which the trick was performed, the maneuver itself and we also have an additional score that has to do with how extreme the trick was seen and of course the landing,” he says. .

With passages through Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Brazil, the man from Tucumán has grounds to postulate what he says. “We Argentines are everywhere. Every place I go I meet someone who, at least, lived part of his life in Argentina. They see us for what we are, people with good vibes and the desire to always push forward,” says Cisneros, the rider who pursues perfection on the board and well adjusted to the kite.

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