Day of pickets and protests in Mendoza that complicated traffic

Starting at 10 in the morning, dozens of social organizations will demonstrate in 500 points of the country to demand food and social programs as a prelude to the general strike of 48 hours established by the CGT for next Thursday. In Mendoza, the chosen point will be the entrance to the City at the height of the Road Knot.

Once again, social movements gather at the entrance to the City of Mendoza within the framework of a new national day of “piquetero struggle.” The measure of force decreed by the Unified Piquetero Movement will have accessions in more than 500 points throughout the country where there will be roadblocks and access to the main cities.

Leaders of the picketing movements confirmed that the measure of force will begin at 10 a.m. and will be carried out leaving half the road free to guarantee the circulation of vehicles entering the city. However, taking into account the vehicular chaos that this type of mobilization generates, it is recommended to take alternative routes to enter the City of Mendoza.

“Milei and Pettovello took food from soup kitchens and destroyed social programs. Mrs. Pettovello lies when she says that soup kitchens do not exist. It is very serious that food is not delivered when, for example, there are 65% of poor children in the community. great Mendoza”, highlights the statement sent by the social organizations.


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