What is the goose game of the indecisive Edgardo Kueider?

What is the goose game of the indecisive Edgardo Kueider?
What is the goose game of the indecisive Edgardo Kueider?

One more time, Edgardo Kueider plays the game of indefinition again in advance of the treatment of the omnibus law in the Senate. The legislator of Between rivers It does not pay taxes to any governor and warns that it wants time to review the project. The provincial PJHe warned him: “no Peronist should vote for this law.”

With no provincial leadership to answer to, Kueider took refuge in the Senate in the hosts of Federal Unita block that he formed with his peers from Corrientes Carlos Espinola and Córdoba, Alejandra Vigo. As president of the Constitutional Affairs Commissionhas to his credit the negotiation of that place with the president of the body, the vice president Victoria Villaruel. It moves autonomously and imposes its conditions, moving between squares with its own dice. Kueider understood that in the legislative game it is always better to get along with the Goose and go to the end, with rewards and punishments.

Under the political wing of the former governor Gustavo BordetKueider arrived at Senate by the hand of Front of All, but he quickly began to play a game of his own that even distanced him from the then president Alberto Fernandez. Within hours of treatment at Senate of the omnibus law, he announced that he wants time to study the project and that he will not behave like “the notary office of Deputies”. “We are a reviewing camera,” she recalled. Kueider is one of the ten undecided who has not yet clearly anticipated his position.


National deputy Gustavo Bordet and national senator Edgardo Kueider, during a meeting in April of this year. Bordet was Kueider’s political promoter and voted against the Bases in Deputies Law.

A mandate expiring in 2025

Since his beginnings in politics, Kueider was closely linked to Bordet’s political future. He was a councilor, then an official when Bordet was mayor in Concord and then secretary general of the Governorate during the administration in the province. In 2019 he became senator and his term ends in 2025. That box to be filled is a coveted place for local Peronism that undoubtedly can only be won with Bordet’s approval.

“We senators have the right to discuss all the modifications we want,” declared Kueider, and assured that his bloc has not yet defined whether it will vote in favor of the Base Law. “The times that the Government has established linked to May 25 are not my times,” he stated.

The warning of Peronism from Entre Ríos

Unlike his countrymen Union for the Homeland in Deputieswho all voted against, Kueider did not speak out against the Base Law, but rather he slipped in some questions that were not forceful either for or against. In contrast, his political boss, Deputy Bordet, not only voted against but was one of the harshest protesters against the law.

Given this duality, the Justicialist Party of Between rivers He came out to mark a public position and maintained that “it is an obligation for Peronism to place itself at the antipodes of that project, not only to resist, but mainly, to once again build a humanist and supportive alternative, which will take us back to the path of growth with work and social inclusion.” Some doubted whether the dart was for Kueider because they in turn doubted his Peronist identity.

“If this new attempt to advance with a law that was already rejected in the House of Representatives is victorious, the main affected will be the working people,” the party stated in a document in which they noted that “those who support its approval, both male and female legislators “As governors, they will be complicit in the disastrous consequences that it will have for our society.”


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