In Salta, the bus drivers confirmed that they will join the CGT strike

In Salta, the bus drivers confirmed that they will join the CGT strike
In Salta, the bus drivers confirmed that they will join the CGT strike

The Salta drivers affiliated with the UTA (Automotive Tram Union) will join the May 9 strike called by the CGT (General Workers’ Center) and threaten to withdraw political support from the Justicialism legislators who approve the Bases Law.

The strike will last all day Thursday, from midnight until midnight the next day.

Miguel Barrera, general secretary of the Salta delegation of the UTA, assured that it is in rejection of the Bases law because “there is the Labor Reform that harms millions of Argentines, not only in the transportation sector, but in all areas in general”.

The union member assured that layoffs are being recorded in different areas, including in businesses and long-distance groups, and highlighted that the first of these are for lower-senior workers. “Imagine, if the labor reform has not yet been signed, what Is it going to happen the day it is signed?” he asked.

“Today they don’t answer the phone”

From Salta, the warnings made by the aeronautical unions were replicated against the deputies who supported the law promoted by the ruling party and the senators who will support it. “We elected them, we even worked for the campaigns of several of them and today they don’t answer the phone,” said Barrera and predicted that “time will tell many things, we know who to vote for next time and where to work.”

Regarding the situation in his sector in particular, the union member assured that given the refusal of Fatap (Argentine Federation of Passenger Automotive Transporters) to recognize the latest update, “we were able to have it anyway thanks to the provincial government.” Despite highlighting the efforts of the local executive, however, the union member warned that “there will come a time when the province will also tell us that they cannot continue updating and that will be the problem.”


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