The leader of the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco Héctor Llaitul is sentenced to 23 years in prison

The Araucanía

He Oral Criminal Court of La Araucanía sentenced, this Tuesday, Hector Llaitul, spokesperson and leader of the Arauco Malleco Coordinator, to an effective penalty of 23 years in prison.

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In the breakdown, the Court established: 15 years in prison for his authorship in the consummated and repeated crime against public order, “considered in the State Security Law”, as stated by the court; five years by wood theft; three years by attack against authority; and payment of a total of 15 Monthly Tax Units (UTM) for the repeated crime of usurpation.

He regional prosecutor Roberto Garrido He referred to the sentence: “It is a sentence that is quite close to what we had proposed in our accusation, which required the imposition of a 25-year sentence.”

“It seems to us that it is a shame that is consistent with the seriousness of the events, with the number of crimes charged and of course, with the degree of participation that corresponds to the convicted person in this case,” he later noted.

Regarding a possible dismantling of the camstated the persecutor: “There are several people linked to the Arauco Malleco Coordinator who are deprived of liberty, some convicted, others awaiting trial. I think it is not possible to affirm that there is an articulation or disappearance of the group: it has been operating for a long time, has demonstrated flexibility to adjust to the different forms of persecution that the Public ministry has adopted. The challenge now is to be attentive to how its reactivation could occur and not think that it is a job that has finished, but that it is just beginning with this sentence.”

“His statements, the way he acted, his incitement to violent actions, the actions he carried out in terms of disseminating them, collecting ammunition, obtaining weapons, that is, the entire display of actions he carried out. It is something that directly affects the number of acts of violence: Since his deprivation of liberty, attacks linked to the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco have decreased. In that sense, this sentence is important, but we must be careful with these conclusions and we must be very attentive to the ways of rearticulating ourselves,” he concluded. Graceful.

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Regional Prosecutor Roberto Garrido for sentencing CAM Leader, Héctor Llaitul – Rodrigo Aguilera – Mediodía en ADN – May 7, 2024




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