Chile announced its squad for the last stage of the Sevens Challenger Series

The Condors 7’s They confirmed their squad for the last stage of the World Rugby Challenger Series in Munich, looking for a place in the Madrid Playoffs.

The Chilean team will open the day in the German capital against Portugal he Saturday May 18 at 6:00 (ARG), 05:00 (CHI). Then, 8:42 (ARG) 7:42 (CHI) they will do the same before Japan and will close on the first day at 11:46 (ARG) 10:46 (CHI) versus Kenya.

It should be noted that the Chilean team is ranked third behind Uruguay and Kenya, so it must place fourth in the general standings to secure its place in the Madrid Repechage, which will take place between May 31 and June 2for a place in the next season of the World Sevens Circuit.

The head coach, Joaquín Todeschini, announced the list of players for the tournament (ordered by shirt number):

1. Clement Armstrong
2. Luca Strabucchi
3. Gonzalo Lara
4. Benjamin Videla
6. Cristobal Game
7. Lucas Avelli
8. Ernesto Tchimino
9. Francisco Urroz
10. Diego Warnken
11. Nicolás Garafulic
12. Tomas Salas
15. Frederick Kennedy
16. Iñaki Tuset

The men’s fixture of the Munich Sevens:


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