“This is Real Madrid, we never give up”

“This is Real Madrid, we never give up”
“This is Real Madrid, we never give up”

Vini Jr. was named Play of the Match in the clash between real Madrid and Bayern München as our team booked their place in the Champions League final. The Brazilian forward, who also scooped the award in the first leg at the Allianz Arena, was thrilled by the performance and to have made it to the final: “I’m so proud to wear this jersey and to be able to play so often at this stadium. This is Real Madrid, we never give up. We always believe in ourselves and we know our fans will be there supporting us. It’s happened again and now we’re going for the 15th European Cup.”

“When we’re playing at home we feel like we can do anything. Our families are here, we feel the togetherness of this team, and that will always make the difference.”

Team work
“I always say, we want to win whatever it takes. If I have to drop back and defend to help my team win, I will do it. The same goes for Bellingham and Rodrygo. “We’re the ones who have to score the goals but we drop in to make it to another final, just like we’ve done in every game to get here.”

real Madrid
“I’m privileged to be able to play every game in this jersey. It’s a dream come true to play football and especially at real Madrid. I come from São Gonçalo, part of Brazil, on the other side of the world. People don’t tend to get out of there and to be able to come out and be making history with this team, with my family nearby, and these fans who love me so much… Everything I do is for them.”

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