Córdoba Extends the Use of Biofuels in the Provincial and Municipal Public Fleets

Córdoba Extends the Use of Biofuels in the Provincial and Municipal Public Fleets
Córdoba Extends the Use of Biofuels in the Provincial and Municipal Public Fleets

In an important step towards the consolidation of a more sustainable energy matrix, the government of the province of Córdoba is advancing the use of biofuels in its provincial and municipal public fleet. Through an agreement between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Services and five public entities, the adoption of cleaner and more environmentally friendly fuels is actively promoted.

The agreement, signed by authorities from Cormecor, Epec, Camino de las Sierras, the Public Works and Services Entity (ESyOP/COyS) and Tamse, provides for the implementation of a service for the provision and sale of fuel mixed with biofuels, in its variants of B20 and E17, for vehicles belonging to these entities. This measure will not only contribute to the reduction of polluting emissions, but also seeks to promote more favorable conditions regarding access and prices of biofuels.

This important step is part of the global commitment to environmental protection and the urgent need to move towards more sustainable energy sources. In addition, it is aligned with Provincial Law No. 10,721, which promotes the production and consumption of biofuels and bioenergy in the region.

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The Minister of Infrastructure and Public Services, Fabián López, highlighted the relevance of this agreement and highlighted the continuous effort of the Province in terms of energy transition. In his words, “the use of biofuels not only generates fewer gas emissions, but also implies a strong investment, generation of added value in raw materials, and benefits for Córdoba and the region.”

López also highlighted the notable progress that the province has experienced in the production of biodiesel, thanks to local technology and plants owned by Córdoba capital. He emphasized that this progress will allow, as demand increases, to supply local and cheaper biodiesel to provincial programs.

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The agreement signing event was attended by various authorities, including the secretary of Legal and Administrative Coordination of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Services, Gabriel Testagrossa, the secretary of Energy Transition, Pablo Gabutti, and the coordinator of the Execution Unit Provincial of Biofuels and Bioenergies, Mariano Santillán, as well as other notable guests.

This agreement represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future and highlights Córdoba’s commitment to the fight against climate change and the promotion of renewable energy. With initiatives like this, the province positions itself as a regional leader in the adoption of more responsible and environmentally friendly energy practices.

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