Cecy Dangond, the master pastry chef in Valledupar perfect for Mother’s Day

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When it comes to desserts, sweets and pastries, it is difficult for them to disappoint me; I am from the land of the best bakeries in the country, of the multiple options to choose a birthday cake, of going to the Alpina cabin on weekends to eat that cheese in Borona that has arequipe and blackberry as an accompaniment, of eating on walks road trips in places like The Laughing Cow or Sweeten Your Walk.

But I just tried during the vallenato festival a vanilla cake filled and covered with a dulce de leche that is at its perfect point since it is sweet but not cloying; Its creator named it “torta zamba”, and the pastry shop I visited has been called “CECY DANGOND” for 30 years.

Cecy began helping her mother-in-law María Luisa Díaz Granados, who taught her the secrets to preparing puddings, cakes, desserts, brownies and meringues. When the Juan Valdez brand arrived in Valledupar, they suggested that he make the desserts and salt delicatessen that they sold in the Guatapurí shopping center and that was when he became independent from his mother-in-law because this new line of products did not fit where they were, which is why which he moved to the kitchen of his house, located in the Los Campanos neighborhood, where he sold from his garage.

There it grew progressively until in 2016 his daughter Chechy (María Cecilia) and his son-in-law Luis Fernando arrived to give a new boost to the business that was already asking for new product lines and much more elaborate commercial administrative processes.

That year the second point was opened in the Guatapurí Shopping Center and the following year the third point was crystallized with the opening of Novalito Park with a different concept that includes table service, an event room and a more personalized customer service theme. as experience. Finally, in 2019, a fourth point was opened in the Mayales shopping center in the capital of Cesar.

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It is difficult to choose a single star product, one of those recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and that lovers of cakes and desserts can enjoy in the city. Portion of four milk cake, pau brownie, cinnamon roll, pionono, boba kiss, napoleón, pave, carioca, María José, Oreo, Milky Arequipe and Zamba.

Today Zamba is the best-selling cake, proving that talent in baking runs in the family and that the student can surpass the teacher.

Other flavors to highlight in any of its presentations are flavors such as caramel cake, carrot cake with arequipe, the wonderful chocoflan cake, the famous red velvet, the trifi cake, the tesorito cake (vanilla cake filled and covered with sweet milk with homemade coconut), pineapple candy cake (vanilla pudding filled with pineapple candy, decorated with meringue cream on the sides and pineapple candy on top), truffle cake (super soft chocolate cake with delicious topping plus chocolate truffle filling) and some delicious millefeuille that I was able to try at the place.

There is a small section on the menu on the topic of salty; crispy cheese fingers (accompanied by a good lemon granita that they sell on the spot), quibbes, chicken pies and meat pies. The presentation of the cakes are quarter-pound, half-pound and full-pound and can also be made personalized and to order.

They say that comparisons are hateful, but I always seek to praise what is good, so I will say, and the specialists will understand me, that Cecy Dangond is the coastal Myriam Camhi. My respects to her and to the Chechy girl, because they are all virtuosos of national pastry and deserve to be known throughout Colombia and not only in the Caribbean region.

Campanos Headquarters, transversal 19 No 2c – 75

Novalito Headquarters, Carrera 6 Park No 12 – 33

CC Mayales headquarters local 67 dessert square

Guatapurí CC Headquarters entrance to La Pedregosa (island)

CC Guatapurí Headquarters, in the food court

Instagram: @cecydangondreposteria

Website: www.cecydangond.com

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