Councilors from Santa Fe de Antioquia went to train at a resort in Cancún

Councilors from Santa Fe de Antioquia went to train at a resort in Cancún
Councilors from Santa Fe de Antioquia went to train at a resort in Cancún

Medellin, Antioquia

He Council of Santa Fe de Antioquia allocated 68 million 500 thousand pesos so that elevenOf the twelve, councilors will train at a resort in the city of Cancun, Mexico. According to Caracol Radio sources, The trip of the corporations coincided in destination and dates with the presence of the mayor of this town, Yamid Carvajal, and his wife.

The contract signed with the Colombian federation of authorities, officials and public servants stipulated accommodation, in double accommodation, in the Hotel Royal Cancun – Gr Royal Cancunwith transfers, round trip tickets according to airline availabilitydouble accommodation accommodation, conference, diplomas, certifications, auditorium, audiovisual aids and trainer.

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The object of the contract clearly states the destination of the training: “provision of logistical services to carry out training in the city of Cancún within the execution of the training plan of the Municipal Council of Santa Fe de Antioquia.”

In addition, it was learned that one of the councilors, Víctor Gallo, had to reschedule his flight, because Migration Colombia did NOT let him leave the country, initially, due to a demand for food.

According to the documentation provided by the contractor, the objective of the training was to give lectures on:

· Responsibilities of councilors as public servants

· Municipal regime

· Council functioning

· Project management and financing for development within the framework of international cooperation

· Municipal development plan

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In Antioquia There was controversy over the visit of eleven Sabaneta councilors to the United Arab Emirates and Türkiyewho were trained in planning and architecture issues in the Middle East, with a total cost of 350 million pesos.

For this fact, the Attorney General’s Office has already opened an investigation, against the eleven councilors and the general secretary of the council. Over thereit was also mentionedwhich on the trip coincided the former mayor of Sabaneta, Santiago Montoya and his wife; who assured that his trip was financed with his own resources.

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