A music cycle begins in El Cardón

A music cycle begins in El Cardón
A music cycle begins in El Cardón

El Vázquez and Luis Gómez Salas launch Primavera Piano Bar, open to meetings between artists.

What the seasons of the year indicate does not matter if the heart continues to beat warm. For this reason, Luis Gomez Salas and Vazquez (against the weather forecasts) they decided to name Primavera Piano Bar the weekly cycle that will begin tonight at the El Cardón cultural club (Las Heras 60), from 9 p.m., with live music.

Both managers will also act as hosts for the following Thursdays of the year, to ensure a diversity of styles with the participation of numerous artists as special guests, both with their own repertoire and from the popular Latin American songbook.

As a declaration of principles, they claimed the design of “a cycle designed to gather around our founding music, but also to meet new artists and new songs, and to serve as a platform that allows us to improve our ties around one or more tables and with “the magic of friendship to live this difficult time in the best possible way.”

“We want to activate this historic space of El Cardón, fundamental to Tucumán culture, as a periodic meeting place for local musicians with new audiences, to forge a dynamic site of cultural proposals. We intend for it to be a territory of new proposals and expressions to mobilize practices and modes of execution of contemporary musical poetics,” they highlighted, in a project aimed at merging genres and styles.

In this framework, they have managed the repair and enhancement of the old Rönisch 1/4 grand piano, which is the heritage of the El Cardón Association and is almost 100 years old.

About the Beating

Tonight there is a folkloric option to enjoy traditional northern music. From 10 p.m., at Lo de la Paliza (Laprida 181), the La Cúpula recital is announced.

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