Authorities in Girardot capture 2 people for micro-trafficking

Within the framework of the Police Model Oriented to People and Territories, police authorities have announced the capture of a 21-year-old young man in Girardot, for alleged crimes of trafficking, manufacturing and/or carrying narcotics.

The arrest was carried out as part of the daily patrol and control tasks at the Girardot Station, where the agents, in compliance with their duties, carried out a search on the Nariño road, specifically at kilometer 1 + 45. During this procedure , approximately 50 grams of marijuana in the possession of the individual.

Capture of alias “Pipe” in Girardot

The Girardot Police continue their fight against micro-trafficking with the recent capture of an individual accused of manufacturing, trafficking and carrying narcotics in the San Miguel neighborhood of the municipality.

In an operation carried out in the sector known as the tip of the stick, agents from the Girardot Police Station managed to arrest an alleged criminal linked to the criminal structure known as “alias Pipe.”

During the arrest, approximately 28 grams of bazookaa significant amount of drugs that represent a risk to safety and coexistence in the community.

These police actions are part of ongoing efforts to combat illicit drug trafficking and protect citizens, especially children and adolescents, who are vulnerable to the harmful effects of psychoactive substances.

The Girardot Police reiterate its commitment to strengthening citizen security and will continue to implement strategic plans to maintain a safe and peaceful environment for all.

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