They captured alias ‘Firulais’, leader of the Clan del Golfo in Chocó

They captured alias ‘Firulais’, leader of the Clan del Golfo in Chocó
They captured alias ‘Firulais’, leader of the Clan del Golfo in Chocó

The Military Forces captured alias ‘Firulais’a feared ringleader of the Jairo de Jesús Durango Restrepo structure of the Gulf Clanwho commits a crime in the department of Chocó.

The incident occurred in the Playa Potes sector, municipality of Bahía Solano, where troops from the Titan Joint Task Force located the site where This man, along with two other subjects, they were trying to hide.

This is how, upon arriving at the scene, the criminals attacked the troops and a combat took place that, in addition to two captures, led to the death of a person, whose identity is yet to be established, in the course of military operations.

“After verification of the place and the subjects, It was identified that among those detained is alias ‘Firulais‘, a feared leader of the Gulf Clan, accused of several crimes and crimes. According to the first information, ‘Firulais’ served as the third leader of the self-proclaimed Jairo de Jesús Durango Restrepo Block and he was a trusted man of alias ‘el Cura’, with a criminal record of more than 11 years terrorizing the community of the municipalities of Bahía Solano, Nuquí and Bajo Baudó.”

Firulais, who would be the financial leader and criminal of the Jairo de Jesús Durango Restrepo structure, would be directly responsible for the harassment of the Puerto Meluk Police, Chocó, on May 7, 2022; in addition to the forced displacement of more than 300 people in the Peña Azul community, confining the communities to the head of the municipality of Alto Baudó.

“It is noteworthy that, with the deployment of this forceful operational action, directed by the North-West Joint Command N.5, it contributes to accelerating the weakening of the logistical and criminal networks of the Gulf Clan. During the operation, 110 units of ammunition of different calibers, a pistol and communication equipment were seized; This material was made available to the competent authority”.

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