Consumer confidence is the most negative in Latin

The consumer confidence in Chile it increases, but is still lower than the rest of Latin . This was demonstrated by the April report of the “Consumer confidence index” (CCI) marketing research company Ipsos.

A study that measures the level of consumer optimism in relation to the situation of the local economiesthe personal financethe savings and the guarantees to make investmentsshowing the perception of more than 21 thousand people in 29 countries.

Thus, Chile increased 0.6 points compared to March, going from 42.2 to 42.8 on a scale of 1 to 100 which, although it increased slightly, shows a decrease in the global ranking. Thus, Chile dropped to 25th place out of 29 economies evaluatedplacing it in sixth position within Latin America, behind countries like Mexico, which leads with 59.8 points, followed by Brazil with 53.3, Colombia with 46.9, Peru with 45.9 and Argentina with 44.5.

What would be due to “the difficulty in finding common views or minimal shared learning after the social crisis of 2019added to a local pessimism of our own, are part of the explanation that our confidence indicators are among the lowest in the Region, settling at levels similar to those expressed in Argentina, with enormously different realities,” he assures The Bewildermento Jorge López, Country president of Ipsos Chile.

work subindex

Although a favorable trend has been observed in three of the four subindices evaluated in the index; Perception of the current situation, Expectations for the next 6 months and willingness to make expenses or investments They are improving on the three points each, “a certain uncertainty has settled around the work subscript«, details López

The latter evaluates aspects such as personal job stability, the probability that a household member will face unemployment, and the direct experience of losing a job within the household. Therefore, the main factor that limits the optimism of Chilean consumers is concern about the job security.

Thus, the global average of the labor subindex is located at 57.9, in Latin America at 48.6 and in Chile it falls to 43.5. A factor that is “closely linked to the perception of reactivation of the economy and that feeling does not take off. Possibly positive signs around the growth wave inflation “They would help improve this perception, but here too the changes are positive but slow,” adds López.

Fear of losing your job

When Jorge López was consulted about the factors that lead Chileans to have a greater sense of risk of losing their jobs than the rest of the region, he assures that “There are clear signs that many companies are transforming the sizes of their work plants.; retail, banking, services, telephone companies, industrial or energy sectors and also small businesses.

In addition to “the post-pandemic readjustment and learning process “It still has real effects on employment and work and that is perceived, not only in the press and communications but also in the immediate or immediate environment of people in general,” he details.

Added to “the entire current of transformation that brings the development of AI It is another factor that is very present and public opinion perceives it,” he closes.

Ipsos Cci – April 2024

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