Sit-in to demand the freedom of CTI officials

Sit-in to demand the freedom of CTI officials
Sit-in to demand the freedom of CTI officials

In the facilities of the Palace of Justice of Cali, workers from the Attorney General’s Office held a sit-in to demand the release of the two CTI officials kidnapped by the ‘Dagoberto Ramos’ front of the FARC dissidents, in a rural area of Santander de Quilichao, in Cauca.

With white balloons and Colombian flags, judicial servants requested the immediate release of their colleagues and requested the solidarity of the entire Judicial Branch.

“We are calling for solidarity because the Judicial Branch is one, we have been with two CTI officials kidnapped by the FARC dissidents in Cauca for more than 20 days, They have turned them into a shield of war. Colombian justice is one, that is why we are in the Palace of Justice, so that we are embraced in solidarity demanding freedom (…)”, were the words of a spokesperson for the sit-in.

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In the middle of the event, children of detained officials asked to be heard and they assured that the clearance of municipalities requested by the Central General Staff of the FARC dissidents, It is not the same as a “military clearance.”

“(…) We deserve to be heard, we have read in detail the statement issued by the illegal armed group in which they express the intention to free our parents through a 48-hour cessation of offensive actions in three municipalities of Cauca, It is important to highlight that this It is not the same as a military clearance“said the son of one of the kidnapped people.

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It is worth remembering that The officials were detained in the village of Dominguillo on April 19, When they were traveling in an official vehicle, the wife of one of the judicial servants was also kidnapped.


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