vendors ready for Mother’s Day celebrations – Telemundo Bahía 48 Area

vendors ready for Mother’s Day celebrations – Telemundo Bahía 48 Area
vendors ready for Mother’s Day celebrations – Telemundo Bahía 48 Area

Vendors are preparing to offer the most beautiful flowers and gifts for families to celebrate Mother’s Day in San José.

Francisca Rayas sells 35-year-old flowers in a parking lot located near the intersection of Story Street and King Street.

“For the mother, because the mother is one and there are many sweethearts, and every day the sweethearts can be changed,” said Francisca.

She is the mother of three sons and a daughter, and has the support of her husband and three other people.

“I am one of those people who say that the little or much that God gives me is a blessing,” said Francisca.

Telemundo 48 took a tour of the Willow Glen neighborhood where another immigrant woman and mother makes a living selling arrangements on Mother’s Day.

“Right now he is very alone because today is only ten and you see that it is until Sunday,” said Isabel Ávila, who sells flowers.

But Isabel is persistent and manages to sell her products so that her clients bring joy to the being who gave them life.

“The mother is there for her children for everything to help them get ahead, to encourage them to study, to give them the desire to do everything they want to do with their lives,” said Isabel.

A life that was not so easy for Ruperto Flores, a store owner.

“My situation was being an orphan as a child since I was six years old,” he indicated. “Be grateful that you have her mother and that you value her, and love her very much on this special day that is Mother’s Day,” Ruperto emphasized.

He indicated that this year sales are better than last year.

“So far we are doing well because we can’t complain,” Ruperto said.

All vendors hope that the community will support them so they can also celebrate this important date with their families and loved ones.

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