Pope Francis’ phrase to a priest from Córdoba

Pope Francis’ phrase to a priest from Córdoba
Pope Francis’ phrase to a priest from Córdoba

He Pope Francisco This Friday he expressed his desire to visit the country. The Supreme Pontiff began a conversation with the Córdoba priest Father Viola and confessed his intentions, although he did not give any indication of dates. If it happens, it would be Bergoglio’s first visit after being appointed Pope.

Father Viola, who serves as delegate of the Addictions Pastoral of Córdoba, visited Francis in the Vatican and they had a talk “about the diocese,” indicated the Córdoba priest. Regarding the meeting, Viola remarked: “I felt like it was a meeting between a grandson and his grandfather, everything was so natural, he is very plain.”

And he detailed: “The Pope told anecdotes, he gave me a stack of books, rosaries, little cards, we exchanged T-shirts. I brought him one from Espacio Puentes Hogar de Cristo Cura Brochero and gave him a painting.”

During the visit, the man from Córdoba showed the Supreme Pontiff a music video titled “Come, Francisco, your people are waiting for you.” The video clip was created by Viola in conjunction with the Familia Grande Hogar de Cristo with the intention of encouraging the Pope to visit the country.

Regarding this, the priest delegate of the Addictions Pastoral of Córdoba commented: “We saw the video clip, he liked it a lot and there the Pope told me ‘I want to go to Argentina’.” After that moment, Viola expressed: “Mission accomplished, Family!, in a message shared with the Familia Grande Hogar de Cristo.

Although Francisco did not give details regarding dates, he left the door open for his visit to his native country. If it comes to fruition, it would be the first time that Bergoglio has set foot on Argentine soil since March 13, 2013, the date on which he was appointed Pope.

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