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The Association of Puppeteers, Actors and Choreographers of Chaco (ATACCH) celebrated International Dance Day with the annual toast to entertain its members, teachers and choreographers.

This was the fourth consecutive year that the Atach board of directors held the event, with the aim that Chaco dance has a day for reunion, where its associates can share, laugh, honor and enjoy with colleagues in a beautiful evening.

During the event there were raffles, a live show and a lot of joy, since the objective is for the Chaco dance professionals to have their moment of meeting and sharing. This was the fourth consecutive year that the Atach board of directors made the toast.

Also honored on the occasion was the teacher Marisol Varela Gómez who becomes a member of the Honorary Council of Dance, which is made up of the members with the most seniority and who join only by act when they are named “Honorary Members of Atacch.”

The Commission – with a 4-year term – is headed by President Débora Godoy, who is accompanied by Facundo Cano, Alejandro Buffa and Lautaro Canela, Silvana Goitia, Verónica Saya and Melissa Valenzuela Moor. It is a young transformative and even transgressive commission that works for each and every one of the associates, that listens to the needs, achieving countless efforts and always with excellent results.

Godoy assured that in Chaco an association is needed that supports the profession and dance artists. “From day one of our management it was the objective and the goal, today we are happy with what we achieved and the path we decided to take accompanying our partners.

He highlighted that the event was, in addition to celebrating dance day, to celebrate the growth of the Association, which reached 100 “active” dance associates. He announced that during the year there will be many events to spread the discipline: just as the Atach day is shown to have been held on the pedestrian street) and the gala (which was held in the Dome), the children’s gala is planned, the gala for Chaco dance day and different workshops and seminars to continue training and professionalizing. Additionally, in August a similar toast is held in Sáenz Peña and October will be the Provincial Dance Meeting.

The vice president of Culture of Chaco, Daniela Valdez, and the Secretary of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Resistencia, Barbara Losh, were present at the evening.

International Dance Day

The celebration is based on the fact that April 29 is the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre, creator of modern ballet. In 1982, at the initiative of the International Dance Committee, April 29 was proclaimed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – UNESCO as International Dance Day.

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