They offer a variety of jobs in Sancti Spíritus – Escambray

They offer a variety of jobs in Sancti Spíritus – Escambray
They offer a variety of jobs in Sancti Spíritus – Escambray

The innovative proposal seeks to adapt to the new dynamics of the labor market in the territory

Job fair in Trinidad. (Photo: Facebook).

This Friday another Job Fair will be held in all the municipalities of Sancti Spiritus, where more than 240 employers from both the business and budgeted sectors and a representation of the new actors in the economy will participate.

“These fairs emerge as a work system as a result of the decentralization of employment of our municipal directorates so that each employer can hire their workforce directly. Since 2023, by national indication, we began to develop this initiative that has been very well received and has had a favorable impact on the territory,” he commented to Escambray Yaiselín Quesada López, deputy director at the Provincial Directorate of Labor.

This innovative option is developed in visible places, allowing interested parties to receive a broad explanation of the vacant positions, including their benefits, the salary to be earned, the schedules, and they may even be already hired, always depending on their cultural level and professional interest. .

In this possibility, people from Sancti Spiritus can also opt for multiple jobs and those who until now work in positions informally will be able to receive a broad explanation from specialists related to the advantages of formalizing their status to benefit from all their rights as workers.

Job fairs, which have also been developed in some communities, are also linked to local development projects to meet needs of this nature in each of the territories.

The innovative proposal is adapted to the new dynamics of the territory’s labor market, contributes to the motivation of those interested and becomes another opportunity to manage quality occupations.

“There are currently vacant positions in various sectors due to population aging, external and internal migration, among other causes. We need a workforce, but sometimes the options that exist in the career guidance bureaus are not attractive and the entities have better proposals. So we look for this alternative to bring employers closer to those who need a job,” concluded Quesada López.


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