In Las Tunas, for the Advancement of Women

Las Tunas.- Three years have passed since the National Program for the Advancement of Women in Cuba (PAM) began to be implemented, and Marly Fernández González, member of the Secretariat of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) who attends to ideological tasks in Las Tunas, affirms that it has been a period of many challenges. “The first thing was to make the Program known and get work done to comply with each of the specific areas.

“In the case of the FMC, we have well defined the actions that correspond to us as an organization, mainly in area five, which has to do with everything legislated regarding the prevention of violence.

“In these years we have created counseling services to care, not only for women, but also for families,” highlighted Fernández González.

The official specified “the achievement that intersectorality represents, since all those involved identify with the different issues. To give an example, pregnancy in adolescence is not only a Public Health problem, several sectors are involved that outline actions of together to reduce the high rates that the province shows today.

Although the path taken in terms of full equality is not small, there are still gaps to overcome related to manifestations of discrimination and gender violence, among others, which confirm the need to continue with a National Program for the Advancement of Women.


The progress of the National Program for the Advancement of Women in Cuba was widely analyzed, through videoconference with all the provinces of the country.

At the meeting, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Inés María Chapman Waugh, it emerged that gaps still persist in terms of access to work, which is why training programs continue to be promoted in Women and Family Guidance houses.

Progress is being made in the creation of children’s houses, the delivery of land and the incorporation of women into the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).

Monitoring the prevention and attention strategy for gender violence, and in the family scenario, was among the topics addressed by the participants. In addition, the lines of work for 2024 and for updating the Program were announced.

Teresa Amarelle Boué, general secretary of the FMC, insisted on the need for the women’s organization to be taken into account in everything that is done for the advancement of women, with the help of organizations and institutions, since sometimes it is They carry out many actions and are not even informed, and he highlighted what the Ministry of Transportation does in this regard.

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