The representative of the FNE told her experience with bullying

The representative of the FNE told her experience with bullying
The representative of the FNE told her experience with bullying

“Bullying affects us a lot”

“I always highlighted the issue of bullying because social networks have a great impact on us. Anything you tell us comes to us, as they say, we are a generation of glass,” said the young woman from Tucumán who represents the country’s students.

In addition, she said that she herself suffered bullying, which led her to change schools. “I went to a school where we were all women and I didn’t fit in. In the 5th year I finished the first trimester and I told my parents, from whom I received a lot of support, that I wanted to change for these reasons. On Monday I was already in the new establishment“, he indicated

However, he stressed that he turned this experience into an opportunity for personal growth. “Parents have to accompany the children who suffer bullying because it is not a nice moment. You have to listen to them, they have a lot to talk about. Reach an agreement to be better,” she highlighted.

Josefina Astorga – Student Representative

Spring mission in Susques

During the Spring Mission, Josefina Astorga visited Susques and was deeply moved by the warm reception she received in the schools in the area.

“It was very nice to live this experience, how they received me in the schools. I was very emotional because I am very sensitive,” he shared.

How you experienced the National Student Festival 2023

Josefina was elected in Tucumán in a record election with more than 50 candidates. “I said, why not? And I was encouraged,” she said.

“I arrived and saw the stage, it was huge. I thought ‘how am I going to do it with so many people?'” she recalled and highlighted that she prioritized being spontaneous, saying to the audience what came to mind at the moment.

“My parents were downstairs, I saw them. Every time I got nervous I looked at them and they told me that everything was fine,” she recalled.

“When they were about to name me, I was looking at the sky, I was talking to my grandparents. Afterwards I couldn’t hold back my tears. I was thinking about them,” he shared.

Finally, Astorga expressed his love for Jujuy, highlighting the warmth of his welcome and the beauty of its landscapes. “What I love is that they always welcome me beautifully, from the first time. Valentina Granara is in all the details. Very grateful to her. We are getting to know each other more,” she shared.

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