San José de las Vegas premiered photocells in El Retiro

100% of the electricity needed for the operation of the San José de Las Vegas school, El Retiro headquarters, is now provided by solar panels installed on this country property. “Sustainability is one of our fundamental pillars; For this reason, within the framework of Earth Day, we inaugurated 186 solar panels, which generate around 131 thousand kilowatt hours per year; “enough for our facilities.”

This was announced on that classic day by Gloria Figueroa, general director of the San José de Las Vegas Educational Corporation. She added the directive that “in addition to promoting environmental care, this system has a Carpot structure, which was a commitment to innovation, since it is the first time that Celsia has installed it.”

This structure, provided by the aforementioned energy company, has a double functionality: apart from generating energy with the panels, it also provides a covered parking lot for vehicles at the school. There were three companies and 30 people who supported the ideation and installation of this project, developed in the last four months.

“Initiatives like these reinforce our objective of strengthening students’ awareness of caring for the environment; We will continue to advance in the learning process regarding the use and characteristics of solar energy systems,” stressed director Gloria Figueroa.

“We are the school with the highest energy generation for Celsia, in the entire country.”
Gloria Figueroa, director of the San José de Las Vegas Educational Corporation.

For her part, Irina Rodríguez, director of Sustainability and Climate Change of the Government of Antioquia (who was also present at the opening day of the panels), highlighted the importance of this project for the Department: “This is how it is mitigated, in one favorably, climate change by not having carbon dioxide emissions; “They are fundamental, as they help us advance towards the zero carbon goal.”

Since May 2022, the headquarters of this educational corporation, located in the Medellin sector of El Poblado, also has a clean energy generation system, composed of 94 solar panels, which are installed in its Preschool school. They generate around 43 kilowatts of power, which avoids the emission of 33 tons of CO2 per year.

Opportunity to learn

This inauguration is seen as an occasion to teach how energies work and put that knowledge into practice. Director Gloria Figueroa explained that this way “we are consistent with our statements; “Students, in addition to having solar panels that show how energy works, also allow them to make future decisions about what to study and how to impact the sustainability of the planet.” Santiago Montoya, mayor of El Retiro, also celebrated the fact: “Without a doubt, it will help the sustainable economy, so that we have less energy consumption and that, in the end, with these new technologies, we can help the environment a little and to the planet”.

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