Indigenous women weavers ‘fascinate’ with their creations

Indigenous women weavers ‘fascinate’ with their creations
Indigenous women weavers ‘fascinate’ with their creations

For the first time, indigenous women weavers from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta exhibit their native creations with which they fascinate hundreds of attendees at the Estelar Santamar Hotel, located in the Tourist Corridor.

From the High Council for the Sierra Nevada and rural area in coordination with the District Institute of Tourism (Indetur), the working group was held for the planning of the first craft fair of indigenous women weavers of the Kogui, Wiwa, Arhuaco ethnic groups , Ettenaka Wayuu, Taganga, Inga and Kankuamo, who participate for the first time within the framework of the event organized by Cotelco Magdalena.

“Taking into account the district indigenous public policy, we are highlighting the importance of indigenous communities. This important event is of vital importance to contribute positively to indigenous communities, especially our women weavers belonging to the District of Santa Marta, since they play a fundamental role in our community,” said Sarita Vives, High Council for the Sierra Nevada. .

She was categorical in stating that the Meeting of the Colombian Caribbean Tourism Chain held at the Estelar Santamar hotel contributes to the strengthening of the destination by allowing feedback with different national and foreign experts in favor of sustainability, competitiveness and governance of the territories.

“We recognize and value the rich culture, traditions and significant contributions to the history and development of our city that the ethnic groups that are in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta give us,” Vives stressed.


For his part, Carlos Jaramillo Ríos, Secretary of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the District, representing Mayor Carlos Pinedo Cuello, stated that from minute one a challenge and a mandate were assumed by direct instruction of the mayor and that is to “work with the people, to the people and pole to pole with the people. And that is what we have done. From the District Tourism Institute headed by José Domingo Dávila we have a clear commitment that tourism must continue to be the great articulating axis of the city of Santa Marta on an economic, social and environmental level,” he stated.

He added that the Ministry of Development has been working to overcome historical gaps, some inherited from previous years, and that it is very difficult to talk about tourism competitiveness when there are gaps in unsatisfied basic needs or when unemployment figures are found. youth, in poverty and in extreme poverty.

“However, Santa Marta has stood out for having sustained growth while all the figures do not improve. This confirms that Santa Marta has much more than what we have even discovered today and that is that organically the city thanks to the isolated efforts of the unions, the Mayor’s Office and the Government have done, but that the time has come to embrace all of us and say that Santa Marta is the capital of Caribbean tourism in the country and it is the best option since the pandemic to become that luxury tourism that people are looking for in nature and natural ecosystems,” Jaramillo noted.

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