The candidates for the VIII District, the most PAN-oriented of SLP


According to the lottery game, How poor must we Mexicans be for them to give us such a merciless blanket?

Children of “when the sun gets hot here in the square”: It is a Friday to celebrate those who gave us their lives, their love and their space, as the classic tendemayera melody would say, but it is also a Friday of notes that are delivered now, just when the sun has already gone down.

This delivery, if you allow me, It is made up of seminotes or “semitones”for Flats, then. In order to address varied topics, like a basket of taquitos in sweat: there is everything.

Claudia Sheinbaum is coming

We exclusively inform you that The presidential candidate for Morena will come to the capital of Potosí between May 15 and 25 as part of his campaign closing tour.

Very The stage for its massive event will probably be the 20 de Noviembre stadium. (which will have to be carefully assessed for the safety of both the candidate and the 15 thousand expected attendees). This It will most likely be the last time she sets foot on SLP as a candidate, and it will be an occasionso that their candidate allies, both green and cherry, behave up to par because both those who go together and those who do not go together will have to share the event.


Regarding electoral preferences for the Senate of the Republic, these days Two surveys were circulated, that of the newspaper Reforma, which had the greatest penetration, and that of Arias and associates.

The first places the Green Party, with an advantage of almost 20 points regarding the formula of the PRIAN alliance, which is tied according to the study, with the Morena formula. Away from the PT.

Another survey that circulated was that of Arias and associates, in which also They put Green in first place, PRIAN in second and Morena’s formula in third, but with a marked difference.

It is worth highlighting in the analysis of these demoscopic exercises that The green formula of Ruth and Gilberto started this race in third placeand that for every point that the Morena, Rita and Nacho formula lost, like that of Verónica and Jaime, they were the same ones that the green team won, who came back and applied that old adage “Horse that reaches wins.”

For this case, The horse already caught up with them and surpassed them by almost 20 points.. At least at this moment.

But… man does not live by surveys alone.

And we must remember that The mobilization that politicians call “D-Day” also counts (how arrogant to compare an election to the landing of ’44, but oh well)

The same as the fate of some candidates for mayors and local deputies, who have surprised and are moving preferences.

In any case, and from the humble opinion of this space, the senate election will become one of thirds, and that is exactly where the biggest bet is found and which I explain in the following Flat:

“I laugh in the bathroom is not the same as I bathe in the river.”

We must check the place where the devil hides, that is, the details: It is not the same that the Green formula reaches the Senate first and that Morena arrives first, although both are allies of Sheinbaum.

It is also not the same as The greatest number of votes contributed for the presidential candidate are from the Green, rather than from Morena.

These couple of “small details” alter long-shot boards in the face of the next federal six-year term and of course, towards the 2027 election in San Luis Potosí.

Even if Plan C is a success, those pair of considerations will be the ones that define in reality “who won” in San Luis.

And Verónica Rodríguez?

Even if I deny it three times before the cock of passion crows, or they say a half-truth a thousand times, the reality is that the candidate, my friend, and her supposed (underlined and in bold) “enemy” Xavier Azuara , they know perfectly well that The permanent assembly of the PAN on January 22 was a tremendous disaster,


and? She was not even voted for by her fellow PAN members.

But above all, they know that sooner or later the national or local CEN will have to deliver, by one means or another, the record stating that David Azuara was defeated by Santiago Zamanillo and that in the case of the Senate, the rights of a businesswoman, Imelda Martínez, who was invited to simulate a citizen quota.

In the end, surely reinstate the process and both Vero and David will continue to be candidates (if not before the MTY courtroom knocks them down) but at what price? Could it be that winning no matter what is preferred to losing with dignity?

It must be clearly said that The matter is not closed and the formula is still in play.

Overcoming the technical tie with Morena is their mission in these last 20 days of the campaign, and Becoming the first minority (which is like winning by losing) is the only scenario in which Verónica Rodríguez could secure her seat in the Senate. We’ll see if Morena lets herself. We must remember that saying: “What begins badly, ends badly.”


Walking through the very dry Morales park, it occurred to me that a twisted strategy to polarize, squeeze the numbers, influence perception, open Pandora’s box of speculation and get the wrong electoral political cue, would be to cause a scenario of open confrontation between the state government and the municipal government (Galindo’s with a license, not with Daniela’s which is “I’ll order it for you a little bit”)

What did not occur to me, nor could I answer, is who would benefit from this confrontation and for what purpose?

I think that Neither Ricardo the governor, nor Galindo the mayor with a license, have neither the time nor the desire to be distracted by insults or matchbox infernos.

More walk

On the same walk, but already heading to the Polanco neighborhood (as by Nereo Rodríguez Barragán), it also occurred to me on the other hand, that the election could change its nuance and direction, if the possibility, real or fictitious, of a break between Sonia’s group and the party group that proposes her.

The good thing is that none of the scenarios were real. I promise not to walk so much anymore and get to work.

To finish, a question:

Why was the substitute for the candidate for the V federal district, Daniel Guillén, changed?

As of a few days ago, his new substitute is Eloy Franklin Sarabia, current leader of the party who, by the way, has exquisite taste in wearing his socks.

If anyone knows the answer, tell me.

Until next time my very dear and Public Worship.

Jorge Saldaña.

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