Two possible members of the ‘Inmaculada’ fall in Valle del Cauca

Two possible members of the ‘Inmaculada’ fall in Valle del Cauca
Two possible members of the ‘Inmaculada’ fall in Valle del Cauca

Since December, the owner of a hotel in the municipality of Quimbaya, Quindío, began to receive threats through pamphlets, by people who identified themselves as members of the GDO La Inmaculada or the Tuluá Office, where they asserted that the merchant owed them a large sum of money and that it did not matter which institution was protecting him, because, no matter what, they would pay off the debt.

Thus, in a first attempt to attack this citizen, on December 7, 2023, they reached a property he owned and thanks to the immediate response of their security scheme, they arrested 4 armed individualswhile they notified the competent authorities for prosecution.

Likewise, on December 23, 2023, two subjects on a motorcycle arrived at the hotel facilities with a rifle, with which they tried to shoot, without continuing their mission.

Then, on December 31, 2023, at night, two subjects who were also traveling by motorcycle, They launched an explosive device, causing considerable damage to the property.

Under the guidance of investigators, evidentiary material was collected, videos, routes and human sources were identified to those involved in the incident, ddetermining that they were under the instructions of alias Pipe Tulúagiving rise to the raids mentioned above.

With a court order issued by the Attorney General’s Office, they began the operation, resulting in 2 arrests; one of them, alias ‘Seven Lives’, captured in the municipality of Zarzal, Valle del Cauca and alias ‘Cremallera’, in Ulloa in this same department, who would be members of the armed criminal group La Inmaculada or the Tuluá Office, both accused of the crimes of extortion, conspiracy, private use of weapons and ammunition of the Public Force.

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